What if the anti-Trump “Resistance” was a Real Thing?

Left-of-center news outlets like The Guardian and organizations like MoveOn are marketing opposition to Trump as “The Resistance,” which evokes memories of the militant fighters of the Resistance in France and other Nazi-occupied countries during World War II. But they’re far from analogous, especially in terms of militancy. What if someone took The Resistance seriously insofar as its over-the-top name?

16 thoughts on “What if the anti-Trump “Resistance” was a Real Thing?

  1. I love this one. It encapsulates my utter repugnance when I inadvertently land on the SiriusXM “Progressive” station on my way to work. They are constantly calling themselves the Resistance while still fighting for Mrs. Goldman-Sachs victory. The term “The Resistance” is nauseating coming from these cretins. Weirdly, I find myself listening to Breitbart radio. At least they are honest about who they are: racist xenophobes. And it kind of feels like listening in on the enemy and collecting intelligence. Intelligence that I would never share with the boobs on the Center Left when the whole thing actually comes burning down.

  2. Just four or five years ago, the Guardian was one of the world’s best English language newspapers. Then the British constabulary marched in, destroyed some computers, and said, if they wished to publish in the UK, they had to toe the UK party line. And the Guardian capitulated, going from liberal to neo-liberal.

    Before, the Guardian would have supported Sanders and Corbyn. Now they support St Hillary and St Blair (or his successor, St May).

  3. Why resist? Trump is destroying himself just fine, thank you very much.

    Hey didja hear that the man with the undersized gloves grabbed Queen Elizabeth’s naughty bits? Neither did I – but you believed it there for a second, didn’t you? 😀

      • The update makes clear that she actually did shake Number 45’s hand, but chose to shake Melania’s hand first. (Still, it must have pissed him off, judging by the expression on his face.)

      • She not only snubbed The President, but she upstaged him. She publicly insulted him; his office, his country, his ancestors and his ancestors’ undersized hands yea unto the seventh generation.

        If a Queen of Olde had committed such a huge faux pas it would have resulted in a duel at best and a war at worst. You just have to wonder whether she realized the severity the insult she tendered.

        I certainly hope so. >:-D

      • Oh, but Macron’s gesture was far more insulting when he first greeted Angela Merkel and a few others before deigning to shake the hand of Number 45. Now THAT was a classic gesture! 😀

  4. Republicans under Bush, in collaboration with Democrats (sans meaningful resistance) argued that the Constitution is NOT a suicide pact in order to justify unconstitutional civil rights violations.

    Will people now revive the old concept of “Better dead than (fill in the blank: “post-Red”, or whatever else may be concocted as an alternative death-desire-inducing grounds for the organized popular suicide of nuclear war)” or will they join, in futility, a docile Democratic Party aligned “resistance” to forestall an impending omnicidal nuclear war? A party that extended Bush’s wars after winning an election by campaigning against them? A party that had its rightful chance to appoint a Supreme Court justice stolen from them while the whole world was watching?

    Get serious.

    Those who REALLY believe they are about to become victims of a national revived Constitutional suicide pact will be ready to choose an alternative deadly but heroic resistance independent of any Democratic Party guidance or encouragement.

    This so called Democratic Party aligned “Resistance” might better quit the pose and choose their name more carefully so as to reflect the contra-heroic docility of American plebeians whose never ending faith in the dupoly-run and fixed system remains unaffected by all they have chosen to pretend just never happened.

    • Good luck with organizing a “Resistance” within a Democratic Party indifferent to the ideas and votes of those organizing within it, one run by dinosaur oligarchs only too happy to take money and energy from a compliant “Resistance”, and nothing else.

      A lawyer for the DNC, Bruce Spiva, told the judge: “We could have voluntarily decided that, ‘Look, we’re gonna go into backrooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way.’ That’s not the way it was done. But they could have. And that would have also been their right.”


      • “Look, we’re gonna go into backrooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way.”

        That is ludicrous; a total and complete misrepresentation of the facts; fake news and utterly without redeeming social value. Any idiot knows that smoking is not permitted in federal facilities.

  5. Ted, you really really nailed it this time around ! But don’t despair, there will be lots of use for those weapons when the US Congress, busy «resisting Mr Trump», manages to launch a war on Russia….


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