We’re Number 24

But there’s something we can do about it.

12 thoughts on “We’re Number 24

  1. Aggie, well put. I have heard the same exact wording used from the radio, to my neighbor, to the blogs. Sometimes whole phrases are regurgitated.

    In an essay, a grumpy Orwell once lamented the devolution of language (and thought) into a small collection of pre-fab’d tokens. At the time he noted the classic military theme of the phrases (eg. “mailed fist”, “jackboot” etc.).

    What are we to make of some of the phrases in use by the righties? (eg. “…ram it down our throat”).

  2. Ted Rall, advocate (practically) of the RIAA and MPAA and so on, champion of intellectual property, is now the Red Menace.

    Seriously, the zzzyawn libs are up in arms over you, Ted. You’re the official scandal of 2010. Forget all the trivia that happened this year.

    Operation Vapors now commences – bring the smelling salts.

    Will Dylan Ratigan be the next guy suspended or fired?

    Not that you SHOULD care – seriously, the entire whorehouse has needed fumigating for a long, long time.

  3. He’s always waitin
    Gotta make a move to tell them
    regurgitation boy
    He’s never had one
    regurgitation bad one
    Hot choclate boy
    Walk by at midnight
    Cut n paste what he will tell them
    regurgitation boy
    He’s never read one
    (to the tune of Hot Chocolate Boy by Beat Happening)

    Regurgi boy
    Regurgi boy
    now his friends are yelling
    he sounds just like my neighbor
    Regurgi boy
    He’s a sensation
    Regurgi nation
    Regurgi boy

  4. Bucephalus: No I don’t consider that trollish:

    “Aggie, Do they count their infant mortality the same way we do?”

    I consider this trollish. What’s remarkable is how precisely the same conservative arguments come from such drastically different places. For example, I see almost verbatim the same statements from US 395 that I hear from right wingers in my family here in North Carolina, as well as the neighbors I had in Michigan. PRECISELY the same things.

    Coincidence? No. Mass brainwashing. It isn’t too outlandish to believe, we do know it has happened before with the help of coordinated television and radio propaganda campaigns.

    Of course, any slight imprecision in what I say will be honed in on. As Jon Stewart said last week, we can use the magnifying glass to closely examine important issues, or we can use it to set ants on fire.

  5. Aggie, the one cooking of the infant mortality rate that I know of is the one perpetrated by Cuba’s government. Hope you don’t consider this trollish.

  6. The only thing that keeps this strip from being funny is that it is not too much of a stretch to see it actually happening, which sucks all the humor out. The only question left would be what would we accuse # 23 of doing? We already used WMDs as the grounds for our last baseless war, we might have to have the government equivalent of Vanna White give the wheel of slander (known as the wheal of fortune for war profiteers) a spin for a different excuse while hoping it doesn’t end up on “Bankrupt”. Of course the majority of America is sufficiently gullible that WMDs might keep working for a while so who knows.

  7. This is simply a calculation error. This is what I’ve heard from people who defend the idea that our healthcare system is the best in the world. Infant Mortality? Oh, the Germans don’t calculate infant mortality the same way we do.. . . .that explains it.

    And that stupidity works. Watch as your trolls gather to drop their deuces.

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