We Want You (Conditions May Apply)

The US Army in particular and the US military in general are laying off numerous career officers, forcing them to retire at reduced rank and thus significantly lower pay. So much for all the promises those recruiters make.

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  1. This is same method liberals in positions of authority have been using for some time. Pierce Transit was doing it in early 1990’s. Public transit is funded 98% by taxpayers. In regards to the military, yes, they are “encouraging” professional military to leave, or outright causing them to leave.
    What has not yet been widely reported is the numbers of non-citizen immigrants the military is actively recruiting.
    The military’s primary objective is reduction. Secondary objective is recruiting non-citizens. They have become totally political, as we see in being told to stand down in Benghazi.
    One of the outcomes, whether in transit, or the military, or other govt entity, is to influence the voting…towards Democrats. This is only one strategy Democrats are using to influence the vote. Just as unions use their fear-mongering tactics, so did our transit agency, hiring volumes of personnel early in an election year, then threaten them with layoffs if Democrats were not voted in. The new hires frantically garnered support from their families and friends to vote for pro-transit candidates. I won’t go into the waste, abuses & frauds in transit, but in general, it is a scam on the taxpayers, and is in the processes of incrementally reducing and limiting our freedom of mobility.
    Of course, the fellow traveler & bedfellow of transit mgmt, our union, played their part in the fear-mongering and vote influencing. That’s what unions do. They made lots of money off transit hiring more personnel.
    Transit also put out flyers on our buses telling passengers if the election voting did not favor transit-friendly candidates, the passengers would see services cut, schedules reduced, lines of service canceled…iow…more threatening fear-mongering. Was/is this is illegal? Yes. Does our state AG do anything about it? No. He’s too busy chasing big fat corporations & suing the pants off them, or what I prefer to call it…shaking down deep-pocket corporations. Most small business owners know what I mean bc they are not exempt from govt agencies “shaking down” their business.
    The tactics used with the military are nothing new to those of us “observing” govt practices over the years…seeing the “dots” and not afraid to connect them and blurt out “the Emperor is wearing no clothes.” Folks like me are in direct opposition to the brown-nosing media and govt suckophants spreading falsehoods they know darn well are false.
    In a free society, with all our resources to be fully informed citizens, it amazes me that so many choose ignorance…or sticking their heads in the sand because they falsely believe they can sidestep the logical consequences of corruption in governing.

  2. This is what happens anytime any martial institution gets bloated in the middle, or even more rarely upper, ranks. In the Enlisted Forces, it’s called getting “RIF(reduction in forces)’d”. Especially for non-coms, if an active-duty service member fails to achieve a certain rank within a specific time-frame, they get RIF’d (or in civilian parlance, thrown under the bus) out before they can officially retire.

    The above sounds to me like the officer corps has a not too dissimilar arrangement.

    Meanwhile detroitmechworks, there are no 17 year-old officers, as a commission is usually not awarded to any active candidate until after (s)he’s achieved at least a BA degree.


      • Child soldiers? Get a grip. Some places have REAL child soldiers, ya know.

        Reminds me of Obama thinking a 29yo Snowden is some kind of whippersnapper.

  3. Stand operating procedure.

    Use until usefulness as backdrop/bullet shield is exhausted.

    Deny VA claim on grounds that combat induced insanity is a pre-existing condition.

    Move on to next foolish 17 year old who think’s he’s immortal, and has no other job prospects in shitty economy.

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

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