Donald Trump Really Can Solve All Your Problems

Donald Trump promised to solve all of our problems. With Trumpcare, for some Americans, he will definitely keep that promise.

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5 thoughts on “Donald Trump Really Can Solve All Your Problems

  1. Well, yeah – if we wiped out 90% of the earth’s human population, most of our problems would be solved! (along with those of the other living things we share the planet with.)

    DISCLAIMER: this is merely an observation, not a suggestion…

    • A meditation:

      The neutron bomb is the ultimate capitalist weapon, killing only living things but leaving all property intact accruing to those exiting their deep mountain redoubts (these functioning like a modern Noah’s Ark for those chosen by the gods of capital to repopulate the earth).

      The Power Elite’s basis for a 10% increase in defense spending by Trump, and the some trillion dollar Obama project to rebuild nuclear weapons?

  2. People seem very contentedly happy to be in graveyards.

    I’ve heard not one peep of dissatisfaction from their residents in my peregrinations through them.

    Maybe that ‘s why so many have effectively voted themselves into them.

    (Aside from a lack of skepticism and imagination.)

    • «Maybe that ‘s why so many have effectively voted themselves into them [i e, Graveyard].» The trick, Glenn, is voting oneself out : «Now get you to my lady’s chamber and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favour she must come»…. 😉


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