Trump to Trans People: We Will No Longer Hire You to Kill People

The Supreme Court has approved of President Donald Trump’s order banning transgender people from the military—a profession in which people are paid to kill and maim people who mean them no harm.

3 thoughts on “Trump to Trans People: We Will No Longer Hire You to Kill People

  1. Instead of ethics and personal responsibility let’s look at it from the perspective of marketing.

    Beefed-up soldiers came to the rescue of (toxic) masculinity in the 80s. Think Arnie and Sly in Predator, Rambo, etc.

    But then Brokeback Mountain made the innocent fascination of boys ogling men with oiled muscles awkward.

    Finally women – instead of shrieking and/or fainting like good plain womenfolk – retroactively destroyed those 80s childhoods by suddenly not being afraid of no ghosts.

    How can they make America’s men strong again (like Sly Stallone fighting for the Jihadis in Rambo IV) when the soldiers with the oily muscles begin to gender-bend?

  2. Applause to Ted for — AGAIN — being the only one to point out what should be significant parts of the political discussion.
    Here’s a follow-up question inspired in part by CrazyH’s response:
    If my country were invaded — I mean like “Red Dawn” invaded, with enemy soldiers parachuting into the nation as the first offensive move in a war — oh, yes, indeed. I would start killing the invaders. Gun, poison, bomb, knife, ground glass in the food, whatever I could get hold of. I would defend my country.
    When was the last time any of our good trans/non-trans, corn-fed, drunk-the-milk-of-democracy-and-liberty soldiers actually fought off invaders? Either invaders of America or invaders of one of our allies? How often do these “military careerists” kill children and civilians?

    Kamala Harris, who never met an exculpatory fact she wouldn’t suppress, talks a great game about how she’s the one (just like Hank Kissinger buddy, Hillary Clinton) to lead the democratic party back into accepting scraps from the masters’ tables, and again, I see a lot of otherwise sane-seeming people who are almost vomiting over themselves with delight at the thought of voting for someone who knowingly kept innocent men in prison.

    I see a pattern emerging: hired trans bullies who think they’re noble for “serving” their country, leaders who will violate the core beliefs of what we, as a nation, are supposed to stand for, and only a handful of observers who see them all for the animals they are.

  3. I never understood that one, myself. WTF would make ANYONE *want* to be in the military today? Defending your country is one thing … but what we’ve been doing “lately” isn’t defense.

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