Trump Really Will Drain the Swamp, But Not How You Think

Talk of impeachment is already swirling around President Donald Trump. If it happens, his personality makes it highly unlikely he’ll go quietly. You just know he’ll take a lot of other top Republicans, and God knows who else, with him. In a way, then, he may finally end up “draining the swamp” as he promised to do during his campaign (but failed to do with his corrupt cabinet appointments.)

8 thoughts on “Trump Really Will Drain the Swamp, But Not How You Think

  1. The Republican Party is an association of people with shady histories.

    So many Republicans maintain a public pretense that contrasts starkly with their pedophilia, homosexual, adulterous, and irreligious personal behavior.

    It’s almost as if Republicans participate in a Skull-and-Bones-type group confession, or something like the practice of veteran police officers’ implication and involvement of new recruits in ongoing crimes and bribery, which informs each of them of the need to hang together and inculcates them with the fear that with secrets revealed all will be tarred together, that protects them from hanging each other separately.

    Al Gore distanced himself from Bill Clinton and his peccadilloes instead of capitalizing on his association with him, unlike within the Republican practice. That may have hurt Gore’s election prospects.

    • “That may have hurt Gore’s election prospects.”
      There’s not a doubt in my mind — and never has been. Bill is still riding a high wave of popularity.

      • derlehrer:

        About half the country think Clinton was the best president we’ve ever had; and the other half think he was about the worst.

        Of the half who thought he was the best, most figured St Hillary would be even better. But her 48% of the vote was in the wrong places.

      • @ michaelwme –

        You might have seen me post before that I was a founding member of “Ready for Hillary.” After all, I met her personally when she was First Lady of Arkansas.

        When I discovered that she was entrenched with the likes of Monsanto (in spite of insisting upon organic food in the White House), I pleaded with her to change course (for all the good it did).

        I withdrew my support and let her staff know why.

        I really don’t believe that she ever had the best interests of the People at heart.

    • > So many Republicans maintain a public pretense

      I always figured that the G in GOP stood for “Gullible” – they keep falling for the same lies over & over & ov…

  2. What irony it would be, Ted, if that swamp really were to be drained in the manner you suggest above ! But alas, I suspect that that particular swamp is resistant to drainage beyond even Mr Trump’s power to add or detract…. 😉


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