Donald Trump Wants To Ruin Bigger and Bigger Things

Donald Trump’s degradation of rhetoric has debased the majesty of the presidency and arguably made the United States a worse place. Yesterday he announced his plan to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, which will arguably make the planet a worse place. What’s next for the Ruinator-in-Chief?

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump Wants To Ruin Bigger and Bigger Things

  1. «Republicans don’t do science.» But they, like the Tweedledee to their Tweedledum, the Democrats, do do hubris. The solar system will persist….


  2. “This is the left today, They consider this acceptable. Imagine a conservative did this to Obama as POTUS?” – Donald T. Rump, once again demonstrating his awesome ignorance.

    uhhh, they did. I remember a T Shirt with a picture of a noose and the POTUS; a bumper sticker with Obama’s campaign symbol and “they shoot niggers, don’t they?” An assault rifle hung over an Obama bumper sticker in a gun shop, etc. The conversations on the RWNJ sites were full of death threats and speculations, yet somehow no one was arrested.

    Yo! Komrade Trumpsky! Why did you apply for a job when you didn’t have a clue what it entailed?

    • “Why did you apply for a job when you didn’t have a clue what it entailed?”
      I think it was because of that telephone call from Bill Clinton, when he said, “Hey, Donald! Wanna play a big practical joke on the country? Why don’t you run for president? It’ll be such a big joke that Hillary is sure to win. Wanna throw your hat in the ring just for the hell of it? We’ll all get a big laugh out of it!”

    • I think something is getting missed here. T.Rump actually believes he can ‘manage’ the United States and the world’s issues like real estate scams! THIS IS his point of reference as he decides how to treat people. Although the fact that he has no empathy or cares for anyone much except T.Rump does color his rhetoric, the reality remains that he approaches everything as a ‘deal’. The Paris Climate agreement? – He just took his ball and went home as a ploy to try to shock and awe other nations into giving him the ‘deal’ he wants. This is a person who has used other people’s money, scams and bankruptcy law to bully and bluff his way through real estate deals all his life. He’s doing the same thing with our nation and its resources. The fact that he acts like a man-baby is not the point – He needs to be stopped by any and all means – get it? Otherwise, he’s going to ‘deal’ us into bankruptcy or a war. This can’t be allowed.

  3. It’s official! Trump is even stupider than Dumbya. Even Dumbya admitted that global warming is a thing, not that he *did* anything about it …

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