The Mueller Investigation Begins Its Second Glorious Year

Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia began a year ago. However, there’s still no evidence that such collusion occurred and there’s no end in sight.

48 thoughts on “The Mueller Investigation Begins Its Second Glorious Year

  1. For funsies quote these back to Rand spewing Libertarians
    Ayn Rand was opposed to the libertarian movement of her time. In 1971 she wrote:

    For the record, I shall repeat what I have said many times before: I do not join or endorse any political group or movement. More specifically, I disapprove of, disagree with and have no connection with, the latest aberration of some conservatives, the so-called “hippies of the right,” who attempt to snare the younger or more careless ones of my readers by claiming simultaneously to be followers of my philosophy and advocates of anarchism. Anyone offering such a combination confesses his inability to understand either. Anarchism is the most irrational, anti-intellectual notion ever spun by the concrete-bound, context-dropping, whim-worshiping fringe of the collectivist movement, where it properly belongs.

    — “Brief Summary,” The Objectivist, Vol. 10, Sep. 1971
    And in 1972 she wrote:

    Above all, do not join the wrong ideological groups or movements, in order to “do something.” By “ideological” (in this context), I mean groups or movements proclaiming some vaguely generalized, undefined (and, usually, contradictory) political goals. (E.g., the Conservative Party, that subordinates reason to faith, and substitutes theocracy for capitalism; or the “libertarian” hippies, who subordinate reason to whims, and substitute anarchism for capitalism.) To join such groups means to reverse the philosophical hierarchy and to sell out fundamental principles for the sake of some superficial political action which is bound to fail. It means that you help the defeat of your ideas and the victory of your enemies. (For a discussion of the reasons, see “The Anatomy of Compromise” in my book Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.)

    — “What Can One Do?” The Ayn Rand Letter, Vol. 1, No. 7

    Why don’t you approve of libertarians, thousands of whom are loyal readers of your works?
    Because libertarians are a monstrous, disgusting bunch of people: they plagiarize my ideas when that fits their purpose, and denounce me in a more vicious manner than any communist publication when that fits their purpose. They’re lower than any pragmatists, and what they hold against Objectivism is morality. They want an amoral political program. [FHF 81]


    Trump Gloats: “Look How Things Turned Around On The Criminal Deep State”

    Continuing his gloating from late Tuesday evening, President Trump taunted the FBI in an early Wednesday tweet musing “how things have turned around on the Criminal Deep State.” Trump remarks on the irony of the FBI “getting caught in a major SPY scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before” after they went after “Phony Collusion with Russia,” which he called “a made up Scam”.

  3. and … so what? One year is nothing out of the ordinary for this sort of investigation. Ted’s been whining incessantly about the 2016 election for even longer, shall we apply the same criterion? (“if it’s a year old it must be false” – or whatever point it is he’s trying to make.)

    The Whitewater investigation took almost five years, Bill’s BJ distracted government for nearly three years, and Watergate took a measly two years (but was cut short when not-a-crook resigned). How long did Benghazi-Benghazi-Benghazi go on?

    Rather than sniping at irrelevancies, one might actually address the meat of the matter.

    Hey, didja see where Consigliori Cohen’s long-time co-conspirator copped a plea?

    One just has to wonder what kind of intel he had which would make the special counsel ignore millions of dollars of tax fraud. But then again, he’s probably just very sad that Hillary lost.

    • Since the New York Times and Washington Post on Friday confirmed speculation that the FBI did, in fact, have a mole inside the Trump campaign, the president has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the Mueller probe, stating that if there was any evidence of collusion, the FBI’s mole would’ve discovered it during the campaign.

      Instead, the Mueller probe has dragged on for more than a year, with the intelligence community insisting they never deliberately spied on Trump. But in an embarrassing revelation, we now know that the bureau FBI enlisted Stefan Halper, a US citizen, political veteran and longtime US Intelligence asset, to befriend and spy on three members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 US election. In another reference to the spying revelations, Trump quoted Fox’s Andrew Napolitano saying “it’s clear that they had eyes and ears all over the Trump Campaign,” before reiterating that “SPYGATE…could be one of the biggest political scandals in history.”

      • > Trump quoted Fox’s Andrew Napolitano saying “it’s clear that they had eyes and ears all over the Trump Campaign,

        Trump AND Fox! Then it MUST be true.

        Actually, I find it hilarious that so many politicritters thought that the UNPATRIOT act didn’t apply to them. Hey, if the gov’mint can spy on ordinary citizens who talk to foreign nationals, then they MUST spy on the politicritters who wield so much more power.

      • CrazyH

        Hillary’s Russian hat and CNN must be even truer.
        Everyone markets to their audience. Pat Cadigan called it news porn.

        If you were a real man you would be duking it out on Zero Hedge.

        I added enough antidepressant info in the other toon that you can start doing your own research between links.
        Here is one/
        The main finding of the study, and the one that received the most press, was that for both males and females between the ages of 15 and 24 only, there was a statistically significant increase in the rate of violent crime during the period someone was taking the medication compared to the intervals when they weren’t. The “hazard ratio” for the 15-24 age group was 1.4 which roughly translates into a 40% increased likelihood. Described in the original study but not well reported by many press articles, however, was the important fact that this risk was increased only among those with low SSRI doses and not those with moderate or high overall SSRI exposure.

        ( From personal experience an antidepressant gave me the urge to stab someone, and a BP med made me manic. We caught both but the BP med cost me a few grand on spending urges. Another BP med caused memory issues. I called my son in for the same tv joke four or five times in a row.)

      • > A little confused as to your political leanings.

        That appears to be an understatement.

        I voted for Bernie and Jill. While I thoroughly despise republicans I have no love for democrats. I like Ted’s assessment, “The party of evil and the party of slightly-less evil.”

        As for my personal philosophy: take one part Wiccan Rede, add one part Platinum Rule, serve in a Rational Anarchist and garnish with the Neanderthal Social Contract.

        My political philosophy is extrapolated from my personal philosophy.

      • CrazyH
        You voted for the fake Socialist and the Nader wannabe?
        I’ve voted third party since Carter. Voted Barry Commoner and Ralph Nader. Can’t recall on Perot, but he was right.
        I’m an older Deadhead than you. Got close enough at the Buffalo aud to see Jerry sweat bouncer kept making me move back from the front of the stage. And I saw Springsteen at one of his best shows ever St.Bonaventure. Very near the stage,
        Politically I don’t give a shit who rules. Everyone who smoked pot before legalization learned to live under the radar.
        Same shit different party.
        What most people don’t get is policy wonks are entrenched for life. There is a limited circle to be drawn from and both parties tap that circle.
        Other than that bureaucrats remain in office until they retire, running the same scams no matter what the party.
        That exists in EVERY government.
        Little secret, everybody wants the same basic rights. Kind of like the Clash says. But TPTB understands how to divide groups so some demand more privilege than others.. Blacks, Feminists, Gays,Hispanics, Millennials,Boomers, Whites, so on.
        Boondocks had a great toon where first Gays stole techniques from the Al Sharpton character, Then the handicapped stole them from the Gays.
        No more rising tide lifts all boats. Rising tide can lift some higher gets whispered in the ear. But in the end a few petty players get used. Used then burnt.
        There will always be some one to take Caesar’s coin.
        TPTB know that.

      • PS
        Wicca was invented by Peter Fonda and and Warren Oates for Race with the Devil.
        It’s Christianity for those who pretend to rebel.
        Even being a Pastafarian is mainstream.
        Wannabe cool lay claim to the Urantia. Or Tengrism.
        Or Faithism, pacifist vegans who can hate them.

      • @wiz, y’wanna play ‘deader than thou’?

        I can do that. We had a camper van that was filled with stickers, posters, memorabilia and the occasional keg of ale or tank of nitrous. We followed them on tour, up & down the left coast Victoria B.C. to San Diego, east to Colorado, Montana, Oklahoma and many points in between.

        I’ve decorated envelopes, camped in parking lots, showered in the Naked People Show and I’ve been close enough to the stage that I could watch Jerry’s fingers move on a rather large number of occasions. I’ve got a wad of tickets over an inch thick (because I never was very good at keeping them) , and my avatar on one board is the inlay from Jerry’s Tiger guitar.

        I sang “not fade away” with them on Jerry’s last tour, tears streaming down my cheeks, knowing full well that it would be the last time.

        Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, would you care to discuss politics?

      • CrazyH

        It’s all about the years.
        In the beginning there were REAL hippies. Then it became cool and there were FAKE hippies Saw a Deadhead sticker on a cadillac.
        I have a BIL, same one with a the gun, who considers himself a deadhead for merely following them.
        Like you.
        The Aud was 77. Best show because their sound inside was spectacular. I wasn’t as enamored with the sound in either Rochester or Binghamton.
        Viet Nam ended in 75.
        I saw them when they were still followed by REAL hippies, not fake ones.
        It’s like reading Lord of the rings before it became hip. Or The Tick comics before it became hip. Or Deadpool before it became hip.
        What you describe is FANBOY behavior.
        Fanboys ruin everything. They can’t comprehend the line between cool and, well, fanboyism.
        Thus the addition of “Wiccan”.
        Druid would have been cool. Wiccans rebel against their middle class upbringing and crow about themselves on various holidays like the equinoxes or Christmas.
        Fan boy.
        You profile the Big Bang theory version of a Deadhead.
        The BIL once stated he taught the other BIL the way of the hippie because he sold sandwiches at Dead shows. Fucking fat dick.
        There was no community, no back to nature, no peace love, no Ken Kesey ( Whom I interviewed and smoked a joint with whilst drinking peach Schnapps in a dry community).
        Fuck bet they didn’t even know who Neal Cassidy was. Bet you don’t.
        I’m not a bigger dead head I just not the biggest fanboy here.
        Fuck you aren’t even the Sheldon Cooper of fan boys. You are the Jewish guy.

      • I giveth up. Thou art truly deader than I.

        Whilst on the other hand, I do forgo the bong until after I posteth.

      • “I sang “not fade away” with them on Jerry’s last tour, tears streaming down my cheeks, knowing full well that it would be the last tim”

        You sensed “On August 9, 1995, at 4:23 am, eight days after his 53rd birthday, Garcia was found dead in his room at the rehabilitation clinic.[4][87] The cause of death was a heart attack”

        How fucking Jesane Dixon of you.
        Although Why would warning Jerry of his imminent death not fall upon your shoulders? Maybe warning the roadies? Other band members? Other fans who could then compose letters or pass the message via word of mouth?
        Is that the scent of bullshit I smell?

      • CrazyH
        You still aren’t the asshole the BIL is.
        Either one.
        Point is your favor.
        Two points, because of Faux Swede Henri.
        Pretense thou art Hippity Hoppity Henri.

      • Yes, Wiz – everyone knew Jerry was on his last legs that summer. I wasn’t the only one who was there saying goodbye. The entire crowd was joining in on the chorus, and you could tell it was heartfelt.

      • “Yes, Wiz – everyone knew Jerry was on his last legs that summer. I wasn’t the only one who was there saying goodbye. The entire crowd was joining in on the chorus, and you could tell it was heartfelt”

        C’mon. That’s romanticizing the past bullshit. Bunch of dopers sensed the end was nigh.
        NO ONE KNOWS THE FUTURE. Everyone says ” I knew that was going to happen, after something does.
        Now with rose colored eyes you reminisce and fantasize about something that never truly happened.
        Your imagination is running wild. Filling in the gaps with emotion.
        Kind of like the way those kids were psychologically manipulated during the whole Satanic Panic years.
        I understand your need to feel that way, that desire to have a much more special experience than the acid made it.
        Reality is the crowd was high as fuck involved in their own little dramas and illusions. Jerry could have probably keeled over onstage and they wouldn’t notice. Even after the paramedics carted his off in a stretcher the majority would have kept stumble dancing for hours to the music in their own heads.

  4. Went with Swedish instead of Fleimish.
    Sadly Sweden sucks US dick bigtime. Al those lovely rendition flights, strong ties to the CIA and military. Didn’t Stieg Larsson allude to that in the Millenium trilogy?
    Plus you have freaks like Goran Lindberg, Swedens Eric Schneiderman. Except Goran actually sold underage girls. Almost like a Romanian.
    And I did find the ending of Bron/Broen somewhat of a letdown. It felt rushed.

    As for the toon, the US loves wasting taxpayer dollars on absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, the underlying stats on poverty are truly horrifying. Just about every underlying stats shows the US as a third world nation.

    • «Sadly Sweden sucks US dick bigtime.» Indeed it does, «[Stupid]WizardGlick», indeed it does – after all, as I point out, it is a tradition of some standing, dating, as I pointed out, from 1943, when we abandoned the German cause, and all the Nazis here suddenly became good «democrats». Before that it was Germany, after the unification of that country, and further back in time, it was France – or who do you supposed financed the campaigns of that great Protestant Warrior, the «Lion of the North» Gustav II Adolf, against the Holy Roman Empire ?…

      But what do such matters have to do with you, my low-IQ friend ? You’d do better sticking to your Alprazolam….


      • Ted, if you can allow people like the one posting under the sobriquet «American Teacher» to «guest post» on your forum, can’t you not get your webmaster to provide ordinary posters with the ability to correct typos within a limited period after posting, or alternatively, to preview their posts before they are sent to the forum ? Would such a measure be too dear for you to afford ?…


      • Squarehead froggy
        You may as well voluntarily send part of your Swedish taxes to Trump.
        Now I don’t know who are the bigger toadies, France or Sweden.
        Macron really pulled everything down to the Swedish political level.
        I actually need the Xanax to go places. Result of a head injury before people understood how damaging they are.
        I’f you are good I’ll take a handful and come visit you in Malmo.

      • @Henri


        Mr Rall is not here to provide secretarial service.

      • «I actually need the Xanax to go places. Result of a head injury before people understood how damaging they are.» Alas, my dear «[Stupid]WizardGlick», Alprazolam won’t increase that IQ of 50, no matter how much you take – but it might explain your penchant for commenting on matters beyond your ken, not to say what seems to be your compulsive need to do so. Comments on political affairs in Sweden or France by persons devoid of any knowledge of either these languages hardly inspire confidence. Your pills don’t seem to be helping you much – perhaps a new round with the prescribing physician – if, indeed, there is one involved – is called for ?…


      • «Mr Rall is not here to provide secretarial service.» You seem here to be acting as Mr Rall’s secretary, or at least his spokesman, my dear «American Teacher» – or is this merely more of your Walter Mitty fantasies ? I’m quite sure that if Ted cares to respond himself – he has previously done so with regard to this particular matter – he remains quite capable of doing so. I’d suggest you keep your lard arse out of matters that don’t concern you, but then you’d not have anything to post about, now would you ?… 😉


      • Poor llittle squarehead pretend froggy
        I gather the people of Trosa spit on you for your French accent.
        Your breath stinks of Lutfisk and immigrant ass. How clean can an immigrant get their ass with only using the left hand and a bottle of water.
        You may be Patrik Liljeglod working through the pain fear and sorrow.
        Or this guy
        “A 17-year-old immigrant boy has been arrested for the suspected rape of a 37-year-old man while holding him at gunpoint, the Fria Tider news outlet reported.
        The teenager arranged a meeting with his alleged victim in Malmö for a reason yet not established. During the meeting, the immigrant reportedly directed a firearm at the man, then proceeded to rape and rob him.”
        Personally I would have taken the bullet.
        But hey, you are Fren…sorry Swedish.
        Swedes need to drive to Denmark so some happiness can rub off.
        If I get this straight, Goran Lindberg, persecution Julian assange, and sucking CIA us military dick plus being raped by immigrants.
        Fuck me no wonder you pretend to be intelligent instead of manly.
        Them balls will drop someday.
        Unless you are a chick.
        I think Swedish women shave their legs and armpits unlike the French. Plus they bathe regularly, that whole sauna thing.

        Wow this from 2013 explains a lot
        ““[I]t is taking big steps in the wrong direction. Swedes used to pride themselves on their sense of moderation, what they referred to as lagom. Prime ministers were supposed to live as modestly as school teachers. Compare that with the recent craze in for vaskning. It means sinking, and refers to a practice adopted by young, gilded Swedes of buying two bottles of champagne and then ordering the barman to pour one down the plughole.”

        So even while the beautiful youth sit drinking designer beer, one in four Swedes are unemployed, and that old line, the gap between rich and poor, gets bigger. According to The Guardian, in some small communities, youth are handed money to emigrate to richer Norway.”

      • @Henri

        When you bring up the name of American Teacher, it becomes my business.

        Why should Mr Rall provide a service for your few meager sentences?

      • «So even while the beautiful youth sit drinking designer beer, one in four Swedes are unemployed, …» Once again, my dear «[Stupid]WizardGlick», you demonstrate the consequences of having both an IQ of 50 and a conmpulisve need to post on matters one is incapable of understanding. As you are incapable of contributing in a substantive manner to the discussions on these threads, your only alternative is to vent your petty vitriol over first the French and now the Swedes. Perhaps you would care to compare the employment rate in that wonderful country of yours with that obtaining here in Sweden : b>60.3 % for the former in April 2018, 81.8 % for the latter in 2017 – which, of course, reveals your claim that «one in four Swedes are unemployed» for the falsehood it is – (to avoid being moderated, I source the latter figure in a separate post below) ? But on the other hand, one can’t expect to much from a benzodiazepine-addicted troll with an IQ of 50…. 😉


      • «Why should Mr Rall provide a service for your few meager sentences?» I realise, my lard-arsed friend, cowering as is your wont behind the inept pseudonym «American Teachers», that you are new to this forum and unaware of the discussions that prior to your participation, have taken place here. Similar requests have come from several posters here, no matter whether their contributions have been «meager», as you feel mine to be, or examples of logorrhoeia and pleonasm, such as your own…. 😉


      • @Henri

        Only an insufferable ass would use such a word as pleonasm.

        Send your missives my way. I will proof them. And moderate them.

      • «Only an insufferable ass would use such a word as pleonasm.» No doubt, «American Teacher» those who are forced to associate with you, e g, your students, in the unlikely event any such exist – regard your lard arse as insufferable. If you dislike the term «pleonasm», you would be advised to refrain from posting rants that are its epitome…. 😉


      • «I am the teacher of whom students dream» Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome ? I suggest, my lard-arsed friend, that you read up on the distinction between dreams, on the one hand, and nightmares and flash-backs on the other…. 😉


      • «In reality, I am met with the highest accolades.» Given what you’ve written about your «teaching» efforts on these threads, my lard-arsed friend, it’s amusing to see you speaking of «accolades» and appealing to «reality». But then again, you’ve probably never encountered the notion of tertium non datur…. 😉


      • @Henri

        The applause I am hearing overpowers your critique

        Brutum fulmen

      • «The applause I am hearing overpowers your critique» I hope, dear «American Teacher» that in addition to the proctologist, you’ve scheduled a visit to an audiologist as well – that tinnitus can be debilitating, and is only likely to get worse…. 😉


      • @Henri

        The ringing in the ears comes and goes, but the cheering never stops.

      • «The ringing in the ears comes and goes, but the cheering never stops.» A case that requires immediate attention – after the visit to the proctologist, of course….


      • @Henri


        If I can ever get past the crowd lined up to greet me.

      • Fake Squarehead froggy

        The article, if you can read ,was from 2013. That was obvious.
        But the bigger take away is Swedish men get prison raped by other men on the street.
        Not just in jail but on the regular street.
        And they don’t fight back.
        Someone tried to rape me there would be lots of blood and flesh on the ground. I may not win but the other guy will be crawling away missing body parts.
        Then he will move to Sweden, or France, wherever you live in this story time.
        I also noticed you don’t deny that your breath smells like Lutfisk and immigrant ass. Must be a new flavor in French Sweden.
        Because of all the on the street man rape.

      • «If I can ever get past the crowd lined up to greet me.» That makes a third specialist you desperately need to consult, my dear «American Teacher», in addition to the proctologist and the audiologist – a psychiatrist, as a narcissistic personality disorder which exhibits the type of grandiosity you show here, is not merely a problem for others, but one which is dangerous for the bearer….

        Be that as it may, I suggest you first get your lard arse over to the proctologist, and then take the psychiatrist and the audiologist in that order, in the event you cannot visit them together, as the root problem here would seem to be one and the same…. 😉


      • «But the bigger take away is Swedish men get prison raped by other men on the street.» And still you’ve managed to keep from visiting our shores, my dear «[Stupid]WizardGlick» ?!! No wonder you were talking about a meeting in Malmö – even if, with that IQ of 50, you were unable to spell the name of the town correctly. Immigration requirements have recently been tightened, but I understand that persons with a US passport still don’t require a visa, not even those with a history of substance abuse (which, however, I suggest you attempt to hide as best you can, until you’ve disembarked) like your own…. 😉


      • @Henri

        I took your advice, Henri.

        I went to a shrink this afternoon.

        He said that the only problem I have is that I excite envy in other.

        They seem to be jealous of my ass

  5. I fear you chaps are pikers, Ted. Here in Sweden, the so-called Palmeutredningen is still going strong (?), more than 32 years after the assassination of our Statsminister. Indeed, a new material on the case was published just this morning by a web journal. So the chap on the right in your drawing above may find his prediction more accurate than he perhaps suspects….

    But of course, it was those dastardly Russians wot done it…. 😉


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