The Ethics of Death

Whether it’s OK to use killer drones to blow people up depends on their citizenship and geographic proximity to the Good Old USA.

5 thoughts on “The Ethics of Death

  1. Let me get it down right now, so one can say, “We never saw it coming!”

    At some point, probably not too many years from now, one of America’s Freedom-Hating Enemies(TM), using some drone predator type weaponry, will kill a bunch of people at NASCAR or the Super Bowl, or some similar event.

    And the newspapers (the ones still around) will run a whole series of articles about all the good, decent, didn’t-hurt-anyone people who were “senselessly murdered.”

    When it happens, I hope we all remember not to point out that pretty much no one raised a fuss when it was a bunch of foreigners.

  2. Ethics? We don’t need no stink’in ethics! Them’s for weak people! I’m just Bide’en my time until Cheney an’ his compatriots are ready to go ‘mudding’ wit’ me! What the heck is proximity? – some gay term probabblely, huh?

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