Spiritual Journeyman

President Obama works hard to maintain his spirituality. How does that square with his murdering?

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Journeyman

  1. Mr Obama, like his predecessors selects the lawyers he needs to make his actions «legal» and the priests/«spiritual advisors» he needs to make them «moral». Quelle surprise !…


  2. Great cartoon there, Ted! Absolutely on spot… Still, I have a question – When will the loss of 24 Billion dollars and way more than that lost to the integrity and trust of the USA around the world caused by the GOP efforts to defund Obamacare be aknowledged and accounted for? The value of the dollar immediately dropped below that lowest level it hhas had for many years. Geez! I have seen people be droned for much more less. Compared to foreign terrorists, the GOP has managed to wreak more damage on the USA than just about anyone else in the world. Why not drone Cruz? He’s only a few alphabet words away from being a Terrorist instead of a Tea Partyist. He’ definitely a radical, so why not go a few letters purther and “label him” ,so that a drone can “become legal”?

    • Well, even though I trust the Congressional Budget Office more than most other state institutions, that $24 billion figure has to be taken with a huge load of salt. Nobody knows exactly how much economic activity won’t occur because of the government shutdown.

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