Sexual Harassment Man Purge

Many men, especially those who think that they may have misbehaved with women in the past, are living in fear, wondering whether or not that they are going to be charged or accused of sexual harassment. While there is definitely a tendency to overcorrect in situations like this, the idea that living in fear is new is kind of laughable.

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  1. The American society/psyche is permeated with the “perpetrator as victim” complex, a perfect example of which is illustrated in the above strip.

    Of course, it extends to a myriad of other areas such the white supremacy malady and to American foreign policy, itself, there manifest as “mass murderous empire as victim.”

    • «Of course, it extends to a myriad of other areas such the white supremacy malady and to American foreign policy, itself, there manifest as “mass murderous empire as victim.”» But falco, surely you’re aware that it’s all the fault of those dastardly Russians, led by that satanic figure, Gospodin Putin ? After all, when Michael Thomas Flynn (has anyone else notice his resemblance en profile to Dick Tracy ?) pleads with the Russian US ambassador to plead that the Russian government doesn’t respond in kind after the US president on 28 December 2016 orders further «sanctions» on Russia, that demonstrates conclusively that Russia is determining Mr Trump’s policies, rather than that Mr Trump is attempting to determine Russian policies and that Mr Trump is Gospodin Putin’s puppet rather than the other way ’round….


      • Hi Henri,

        Indeed, I have been getting the diffuse drift that Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin is the reason for ALL our woes, including those that befell us … even those that occurred well before he was a mere twinkle in the eye of his satanic grand, grand, … grandpappy.

        I like the twist that HRC and her campaign, during the primaries, appear to have spent a good deal of money promoting Trump since she assumed he’d be the easiest (GOP) candidate to face.

        (She also reportedly spent $12 million to have the infamous pee-pee document manufactured.)

        In case you are interested, I get these and other interesting tidbits from one
        H.A. Goodman on You Tube.

      • «In case you are interested, I get these and other interesting tidbits from one H.A. Goodman on You Tube.» It’s hard to know how much credibility to place in Mr Goodman’s comments (he also publishes, I note on Huffpost), but one thing is certain : his credibility is no less that that of one James Robert Clapper. Mr Flynn is in trouble, it is said, for having lied to the FBI (which should, of course, be a capital crime, given the integrity and uprighteousness of that institution), while Mr Clapper publicly and repeatedly lied to the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which of course, comes with the territory…. 😉

        Some poster here seem to regard, quite fittingly, Mr Clapper as a paragon of integrity and his testimony as the Gospel truth….


    • Hi Henri,

      I don’t necessarily take Goodman as completely credible.I do like his poke-in-the eye treatment of the Russia hysteria.

      So far, Flynn is just a male Martha Stewart.

      Yes, THE significance of the HRC “resistance” is that it requires we must put all faith and trust in the intelligence apparatus that some “liberals” have spent 5 decades justifiably learning to distrust and revile.

      • Alas, falco, I haven’t followed Ms Stewart’s no doubt interesting career. But Mr Flynn certainly does seem to get around, and as mentioned earlier, I can’t but be impressed with that Dick Tracy profile….

        In any event, the reports I’ve seen with regard to Mr Flynn’s contacts with, e g, the then Russian ambassador to the US (who, of course, was stationed there to have contacts with political figures – that is, after all, what ambassadors are supposed to do) would seem to indicate that he was pushing the Russians not to retaliate against Mr Obama’s provocations (which, coming as late as they did – 28 December 2016, about three weeks before Mr Obama’s term of office was to come to an end – I deem likely were largely designed to poison relations between that country and the new US administration) – I suspect that Mr Obama would have held his fire in the event that Ms Clinton were to have been his successor), rather than that Gospodin Kislyak was pushing the incoming administration to adopt policies desired by Russia….

        But of course, it takes two to tango….


  2. I noted earlier that this movement is going to hit a few innocents, but even so it’s going in the right direction.

    I think Al Franken is an innocent. I’ve read his books, listened to his female co-workers and seen the expression of befuddlement on his face. He’s either innocent or didn’t realize his actions crossed an ill-defined line; but an aggressor he is not.

    I am concerned that more and more articles talk about harassment rather than taking indecent liberties. That’s scary ‘cuz harassment is in the eye of the beholder. A proposition from an attractive guy is perceived entirely differently than one from an unattractive guy. So … did we just criminalize ugly? That’s definitely going too far.

    Unwanted touching is at least a well-defined line.

  3. Let us see what effect this movement has on population statistics – perhaps by making the two sexes (or two of the sexes) more wary of each other, it can slow population growth….


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