Relationship Counseling for Donald Trump and Donald Tusk of the EU

Donald Trump is heading back to a pissed-off European Union.

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  1. It is supposed that native culture failed them, if they are migrating to other countries? Why to keep it here, destroying, descharacterizing Europe? Is it european culture what they came for? Nobody in Europe wish to see minarets in cities and hear call for evening prayer…which is regress to medieval times. I am intra european migrant, and when I changed country of my residence, first thing that I wanted to do, was to adapt locally. One can practice failed culture at home as much as he wants, but subjecting others to it?
    That is incredible, and this is why, if elections are truly fair and democratic, the current set of politicians will be swept out.

    • They are coming for European benefits. They want to live off you. And many hate you and want to destroy you, hence the truck and knife attacks.

      Elections do not work. Look what Theresa May is doing with Brexit.


      • I don´t know about hate, and I will even say that first generation of migrants usually try to work well and adapt. But then they make the cardinal decision to educate their children according to their failed culture.
        This is what makes problems. Why?
        I think that point is in islam. All catholic Arabs from Syria , Lebanon, adapt themselves to Europe in a less than generation, and nobody can say anything bad about them -fine, beautiful people (especially females, that is my experience), absolutely ready for local conditions. But islamists? No such luck. That religion is very strong and regulating all life of the believers, it doesn’t want to adapt at all. On the contrary, it wants to turn every land into sharia land.

      • American teacher,

        I don´t agree with you on many things, but I am happy to debate the subjects with you. My main idea is : USA taking care about USA, Europe taking care about Europe. What is wrong about it?

      • I am from Serbia. My nation fought 500 years not to be islamized, every single generation fighting for our freedom, and our orthodox faith.
        And now to see minarets in Europe is ….. Simply mind-boggling. It seems Islam, stopped by my ancestors, found another way to come to Europe..

      • Christian Arabs descend from the oldest Christian groups in the world. They refused to convert when Islam swept out of the Arabian peninsula in the 6th century and destroyed much of Eastern Christendom. People conveniently forget this when mentioning the Crusades.

      • U.S. never should have meddled in Serbia. That was another reason not to vote for Clinton. All the churches and monasteries destroyed, not to mention Serbs killed.

      • I have to say that Europeans think that Americans are stupid people. I don´t like generalizations, so I never thought that. Then, last year, I have visited Arizona, and fall in love with people there – especially older ones, your baby boom generation, that, to me, are the best humanity can offer. I am serious. Their humanity, knowledge, morality and humour are the best of the best. I have enjoyed every moment interacting with american people,
        in Arizona or Las Vegas… I think that if tomorrow we will need to present humane to the aliens, our very best humane, it has to be an american.

      • “All the churches and monasteries destroyed, not to mention Serbs killed.”
        We are waiting for the righteous American president, that will acknowledge the destruction, and offer help forgetting past….I personally believe that EU will pay for all the bridges and factories they have destroyed.

      • If Serbia were not a Christian nation, the help would be forthcoming.

        Look at all the American money, both public and private, that has poured into Afghanistan, for charitable purposes, only to have the places built destroyed again and a place that does not want to change, impervious to change.

      • Baby boomers were raised by “the greatest generation,” who were strict and didn’t indulge their kids.

        But when the boomers had kids, they didn’t want to be as tough as their parents and started spoiling them, making everything “child-centered.” That trend has unfortunately exacerbated.

        I remember walking down a street in Vienna several years ago. About a hundred schoolchildren on a field trip, walking two by two, so quiet in their conversations that I couldn”t hear them even though I was but a few feet away. And there were only six chaperones! Two in the front, two in the middle, two in the rear. I marveled at it.

        In the States, you need at least one chaperone per ten kids and even that is not enough. American kids are very badly behaved.

    • > Why to keep it here, destroying, descharacterizing Europe?



      I know, I know, call on me!!!!!

      “Because Europeans destroyed & descharacterized their home countries”

      … duh?

      • Crazy H is justifying the destruction of the good European peoples who have offered aslyum and refuge to millions.

      • Help me out here – how is that any different than Europeans slaughtering the good people of The New World who offered them hospitality?

        That just means they’re superior … right?

        … right?

        … hello?

      • Once again, Crazy H is justifying the destruction of Europe.

        Rather than get into an argument about “hospitable” Indians (the largest mass murder in this soil was in 17th century Virginia when Indians killed 78 men, women, and children) from hundreds of years ago, I want readers to notice that Crazy H is interpreting history to justify the destruction of Europe.

        Followed to its logical conclusion, Crazy H is calling for the genocide of European peoples.

      • True , very true. That is why I think GB and France deserve millions of migrants(especially after killing Gaddafi) – but what about other EU countries? This is why Hungary´s Orban is right. Colonisation was done by : GB, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, why should Hungary, Czech republic, Poland, Balkan nations pay for their sins?

      • Eastern Europe should not have to take in migrants, especially since they have done so much and sacrificed so much for Western Europe.

        Furthermore, they know what it is like to live under Moslem rule. Bulgaria was a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years. Their churches and monasteries were destroyed and their first born sons taken to serve in the Sultan’s army. The know the danger this migration means.

      • It is part of the religion. You lie to the infidel until you get your numbers up and then you take over.

        Muslims slowly develop a presence in other countries and as their numbers swell, they agitate for Sharia law.

        Then they begin to recruit disaffected groups and demand supermarkets sell halal meat.

        Then the lawlessness starts. The riots, car burnings, and chronic terror attacks.

        “Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam” by Peter Hammond

        “The Clash of Civilization” by Samuel Huntingdon, Columbia University. Huntingdon famously said, “Islam has bloody borders.”

      • Meddling in Libya and killing Qaddafi was another Clinton brainchild. It turned Libya into a lawless transit center people use to get to Europe.

        Yet there Hillary is, this past weekend, on a NY stage, plotting another election run. She is a war criminal who should be tried in the Hague with her husband.

      • > Once again, Crazy H is justifying the destruction of Europe.

        Once again, you fail to grasp a simple concept. Is sarcasm too difficult for you?

        You are in favor of destroying civilizations. I am against destroying civilizations. When you complain about ‘destruction of Europe’ – you are not only grossly overstating the problem, but you are being a solid-gold hypocrite.

        The Christians from Africa destroyed the Roman European civilization in that they converted them from their original beliefs. (Yes, I’m familiar with Constantine) I don’t hear you complaining about that.

        I am moral, I follow the Golden Rule (actually, the Platinum Rule) – you do not. You are not moral.

        Again, that is a statement of fact, not ‘name calling’

      • Again, Crazy H defends the destruction of the West at the hands of Islam.

        “What’s wrong with that?” he asks.

        Btw, I don’t know of any Christians converting others at “gunpoint”. Perhaps the Crazy H is again travelling back in history and would like to offer a citation.

      • Crazy H again makes another specious argument. It is boring.

        The fabric of European life is unraveling. More than 7000 knife attacks in London in the past two years, the English driven from the capital that they built, and London’s Muslim mayor saying terrorism in a big city is normal.

        Crazy H wants to compare Islam to the spread of Christianity in Europe thousands of years ago. Bottom line: native population was not replaced.

      • Human beings are an aggressive species. No one group can be blamed for aggression.

        That said, some groups have superior technology due to innovation and intelligence.

      • > No one group can be blamed for aggression.

        Why, yes. That is true. Yet you do so with nearly every post.

      • Human beings are an aggressive species.

        That said, terrorists, murderers, and rapists cannot be welcomed in one’s land.

        14 wounded, two dead in Toronto. Terrorism cannot be ruled out.

    • When I have visited World Fair in 1998,(Lisbon) there was pavillion of Saudi Arabia. They were giving leaflets, that I read – and asked for more, They gave me little book about islam, where it was written , :Any muslim should live in a muslim country. If he is not living in a muslim country, he should do everything to make that country muslim.
      I challenge anybody to tell me it is not true.

      • So – what’s wrong with that? Christians are tasked to convert others as well, and have a history of doing so at gunpoint.

        Personally, I’m against all religion. To me, it looks like people killing each other over diet coke vs diet pepsi.

  2. I am from Europe, and I ( like great majority of us) think that what is happening now has to be stopped. It is not viable, it is plain stupid to let borders open to anybody for any reason. I understand that everything changes, and Europe today is far cry of Europe past. But one thing I don´t understand, why Europe has to change for the worse?. Little more, and people will have no reason to migrate, because conditions here will be more akin to their home. Whole parts of cities become little Arabias, where the native people are not welcome, or if they are, have to adapt to their culture. Police is not working very well inside such conglomerations, because migrants are hostil to any intervention of the state. Now why, why migrants can´t adapt to european culture, instead of religiously preserving the culture from which they came?

    • Migrants cannot adapt because they are moving into a culture too radically dissimilar from their own. They are not able to assimilate.

      Could Europeans adapt to life in sub Saharan Africa or an Islamic Republic? Of course not. They would set up a parallel society.

      Europe is in a low-grade war right now; an Italian girl killed and dismembered last spring; a Norwegian boy knifed; 14 Germans stabbed; the Scottish girl raped and killed.

      Of course, this is not viable. And what is worse, there are people such as Crazy H who call these atrocities turnabout, fairplay for what happened in other lands. (If it is turnabout, that is all the more reason to consider these people enemies, not aslyum seekers, and keep them out of your land. But it’s not. That’s a specious argument.)

      These radicals are the real enemies, particularly because they try to stifle dissent. Their views must be repudiated and they must be marginalized.

      Migration is breaking down Western society.

      • > people such as Crazy H who call these atrocities turnabout, fairplay for what happened in other lands.


        I never said atrocities were ‘fair play’ – YOU did. You only think it’s unfair when others do unto you as you did unto them.

      • Note the continued name-calling.

        Crazy H called the murder of the Norwegian boy turnabout. Norway gave the aslyum seeker refugee. The aslyum seeker repaid them by killing one of their citizens, yet Crazy H justifies this under the “Golden Rule.”

        Again, Crazy H is trying to convince readers that it is okay to murder white people.

      • > Note the continued name-calling.

        uhhh, no.

        If I call you ‘asshole’ that’s name calling, as you probably aren’t literally an anal sphincter. However, you are a liar, serially and unapologeticly, so to call you a liar is merely being accurate.

        So is ‘reading disabled’ – I never said it was good to kill whites. I’m asking why you think killing whites is so much worse than killing others.

      • Reread Crazy H’s posts.

        Crazy H does not explicitly call for the murder of white people.

        Crazy H does say that the murder of the Norwegian boy by an aslyum-seeker and rape and murder of a Scottish girl by another aslyum seeker are turnabout. He implicitly says it is okay to murder whites.

        An aslyum seeker, if he could read, would say to himself, it’s okay for me to go out and murder. It is turnabout.

      • > He implicitly says it is okay to murder whites.

        No ‘he’ hasn’t, but he has suggested that Awesome Teacher take a remedial reading course.

        For the record: it’s not okay to murder anybody m’kay?

        Now, why don’t you stop with this ludicrous accusation and try responding to something I’ve actually posted?

  3. Alesha MacPhail, 6, was raped and murdered in Scotland by a migrant, 16.

    Those who cheer this migratation/invasion and stifle dissent by screaming ‘Nazi’ at those who oppose it have blood on their hands.

      • Notice how Crazy H passes off the brutal rape and murder of a little girl by an aslyum seeker, not another Scot, as a ‘silly fallacy.’

        While we do not know Crazy H’s genetic heritage, we must realize that he needs to be kept away from white children for, if you follow his comments on these threads, he consistently denigrates their heritage and civilization.

      • Crazy H also, on this post, has justified the killing of an innocent white boy, calling it ‘turnabout.’

      • No, moron – the fallacy is singling out one, particular, instance and trying to generalize it to all immigrants. Ted Bundy, Kevin Coe and Gary Ridgeway are/were white Americans! Look! See? That’s what THEIR KIND is capable of.

        What’s wrong with killing someone anyway? According to you, that’s a sign of superiority. If brown people are “invading” Europe and raping and killing Europeans, then they must be superior.

        Or you’re a hypocrite. Pick one and only one.

      • One murder of a European was not singled out. Several murders by these “refugees” were cited, and that is just the beginning of a long list.

        Notice how Crazy H cannot make a comment without calling someone a moron.

        Then he brings up serial killers and tries to muddy the argument. Ted Bundy, an American serial killer from the 1970s, has nothing to do with the destruction of Europe of which Apolonius has written. Crazy H makes specious arguments.

        The note he end on is ridiculous, a ridiculous question and a ridiculous answer.

        Crazy H can’t discuss the migration/invasion of Europe, but once again, he can always manage to denigrate white people.

        All people need to be proud of their identity.

        Crazy H needs to be kept away from white children.

      • What was that you said about rhetorical skills?

        You made a fallacious argument. I pointed out the problem with your argument and provided counter-examples. And you evidently STILL don’t get it – sorry, I can’t dumb it down any further.

        The FACT is that recent immigrants in the US are less likely to commit crimes than those who have been here a few generations.

        Here you are denigrating thousands of people, yet you complain when someone disrespects you? Okay, I’ll call you ‘hypocrite’ instead. That’s obviously quite true.

      • Illegally aliens are committing crimes. They are paying coyotes thousands of dollars to have themselves smuggled into this country. They are stealing residency and citizenship, a country’s most precious gifts.

        Illegals keep down wages. That is job theft. It lowers the quality of life in this country. Americans will do these job if they are paid a living wage.

        Finaly, I have cited innumerable examples of the murders that illegals commit, from drunk driving that kills families to the attempted murder of a woman with a chainsaw.

        If you are trying to break down crime by demographics, 52% of all violent crime in the United States is committed by 13% of the population who, yes, have been here for many generations.

      • In an effort to improve your faulty rhetorical skills, I will point out that this particular fallacy is called “cherry picking”

        Yes, some immigrants are bad people – but ALL bigots are bad people. (No, that’s not a ‘name’, it’s an accurate description)

  4. Today, an Iranian national wounded 14 people in a knife rampage on a bus in northern Germany. Source: Daily Mail.

    Good job, Merkel. You and Tusk are traitors.

  5. What are leaders for if they do not defend their own country and their own people?

    Donald Tusk is just about ferrying more migrants to Europe.

    • Pan Tusk is a dyed-in-the-wool Atlanticist, who now sees Mr Trump et consortes destroying his fond dream of an eternal US-EU alliance in which the nature of the relation between liege lord and loyal (?) vassal is less obvious to the casual observer (i e, EU citizens). No wonder he is less than happy with recent developments !…


  6. Europeans, as we have already seen, cannot take much more of the invasion. They have heart. Brexit, Denmark’s ghetto laws, Salvini are all the first steps towards restoring Europe.

    The time left for the rhetoric of Tusk, Juncker, Merkel, and Crazy H is limited indeed. We’re not having it.

  7. There is nothing for which Trump can be impeached. Mueller has always been on a witchhunt.

    Trump puts the interests of his people first. Why are Tusk and Juncker trying to subvert Europe? Why do some people want to subvert their own?

    The left has fallen victim to a mass psychogenic illness and is in the grip of a collect fear. They know they are about to be overturned.

    • > Trump puts the interests of his people first.

      That’s the only true statement in your entire post. “His people” are, of course, the 1%.

      There are two type of republicans, millionaires and suckers – and I sincerely doubt you’re a millionaire.

      • Although it pains me to break my own rules, I cannot resist communicating with you to let you know that I am in the millionaire’s club.

        Of course, that is not why I vote for Trump.

        I am a Patriot.

      • > I am a Patriot.

        You are a liar. You hate everything about this country. You’re trying to destroy it, and Trump is your tool. (as much as you are his)

        > Although it pains me to break my own rules

        Why, yes, posting obvious replies at the top of the column counts as ‘not communicating.’ As I’ve pointed out on many occasions, you aren’t fooling anybody.

        Although, given the low signal-to-noise ratio in your posts, perhaps it doesn’t count after all.

      • Often “middle-class” people are concerned about the 99%-1% distinction, as in their minds they are associating themselves with the 1%.

        However, when we talk of the 1% (or perhaps 0.1%) typically we refer to the few people with inordinate personal power to largely shape our environment, economies, and societies against our needs and dreams.

        As a rough rule of thumb, if someone is actually working for money, they almost never belong to the 1% thus construed.

        This includes effectively all “American teachers” who put in their time in return for a paycheck. As you hate your job but continue working – you have not even achieved putting enough money on the side to call it quits early (sometimes called “FU money” since it allows the former wageslave to say what they really think to the bosses’ face). Very few people attain this.

        Like all good politicians, Trump managed to become a piece of canvas that people well beyond his small inner-circle project their aspirations on, thinking that now it is going to be their turn, their moment in the sun (in the German original).

        Many people have been taken in this way for time immemorial so this is nothing to feel particularly bad about. Though it will sting once the disillusionment sets in as it always does eventually (in particular as the business practice of ripping people off left and right – clients, contractors, investors – could have been a give-away in this case).

        A cursory look at some actual numbers (such as public sector wages and the price of cheese) would tell you that your financial situation today is not appreciably different than under Obama or what it would have been had Clinton won the electoral college.

        Most economic short term gains go effectively to the true 1%. A long term perspective would require tracing true fundamentals such as soil quality and the amount of mercury in drinking water, which understandably may lead to more denial as the first stage of grief.

      • Dear Andreas,

        I really don’t care if I am in the 1% or 99%.

        I will never retire. If you read “Life of American Teacher,” I work much less than half a year for less than half a day.

        My work life has woes, as do all work lives, but at 2:20 p.m.,, when I arrive home and put everything in perspective, I realize that this is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

      • > they are associating themselves with the 1%.


        And you can bet the farm the 1% ain’t associating themselves with the Trump Chumps.

        Today, it takes a million dollars just to have a decent middle-class retirement. So the bumper sticker I quoted above should be updated:

        “There are two type of republicans, Billionaires and suckers”

      • >you have not even earned enough money to quit working, sometimes called FU money

        My working is FU money!!!

        >it takes a million dollars to have a decent retirement.

        Or a government pension!!!

  8. Bush started us down the path of global hatred … and maybe Trump will finish the job. Then again, maybe he’ll simply make us the laughing stock of the entire world.

    Just electing him lost us 80% of whatever respect we had left.

    He wants a trade war – which is bad for everybody – but can’t seem to make up his mind about who we’re warring with or for what. It’s just random knee-jerk nonsense, which is even worse than if he did have a plan. It’s quite obvious he doesn’t understand global economics any better than the domestic variety – he’s just throwing a monkey wrench into machinery that’s running rough in the first place.

    He went to NK railing about fire and brimstone and making deals, then traded away his biggest bargaining chip for a symbolic pittance which has failed to materialize.

    His “summit” with Putin had no goals and no agenda, accomplished even less, and now he can’t even seem to keep his story straight about what was or was not said.

    The good news is that the GOP is finally starting to understand what they have wrought. Maybe they’ll impeach the stoopitt bastid. It’s not like the Dems will step up to the task.

  9. Thankfully, the United States has not signed on to the U.N.’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration.

    Hungary has refused to do so as well, citing security risks. Hail Orban.

    Migration, essentially from south to north (although Haitians are now migrating to Chile since they can’t get into the United States) does not have to be with us, as Tusk and Juncker insist. States have sovereignty. Nations have borders. Viva Italia.

  10. Our Atlanticists here in Europe are at long last being forced to review their history of vassalage to the US and are cautiously looking for other possible partners. But I suspect that in negotiations with these latter, they will attempt to draw things out in the hope that sooner or later Mr Trump will simply go away. What they don’t seem to reflect upon is that Mr Trump is not necessarily an aberration in US political life, but rather represents a substantial current in that turbid stream, and that they cannot be at all sure that things will return to status quo ante when a new US president takes office ….


  11. Trump was absolutely right when he said that “immigration is destroying Europe.”

    Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker need to stop this idiocy of “managing migration” and trying to force member states to take quotas of these invaders. Tusk is a traitor to his native Poland, which has rightly refused any of them.

    Great leaders are already on the rise. Hail Salvini.

    A Tony Abbott approach to invasion needs to be adopted immediately before more innocent Europeans are murdered. Nineteen-year old Havard Pederson was stabbed to death by an Afghan aslyum seeker this past week while working at his local supermarket in rural Norway.

    Put gun boats in the Mediterranean. No aslyum in Europe. The invaders can have their aslyum on remote islands.

    • Immigration destroyed America.

      Great nations were toppled by the invaders from Europe. Ergo, if “invaders” are destroying Europe – it’s merely turnabout. Same goes for the USA, except in our case we are not only the descendants of those invaders, but we’re also the cause of the problems to the south which cause people to seek asylum here.

      Oh, my, a European was killed by an Afghan! Will horrors never cease? Do you suppose that it might have something to do with the hundreds of thousands of Afghans we killed?

      I know you have difficulty with this concept, but brown people don’t like being killed any more than white people. If you want people to stop shooting back, you first have to stop shooting them.

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