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Trump’s Torrent of BS Is Distracting Us From Real, Actually Important, Issues

There are a lot of bad things about Trump as president. One of the most damaging is that his shenanigans distract us from the very real problems like poverty and homelessness that we ought to have solved ages ago. As we marvel at his tweets and sex scandals, we’re letting the country go down the toilet. Which is something citizens of authoritarian states everywhere are well familiar with.

As Millennials Age and Boomers Die, Capitalism Is Inevitably Doomed

Americans who grew up during the Cold War against the Soviet Union will be shocked to learn that the old toxicity of the words socialism and communism are gone now. Even candidates for judge in Texas are running as self-described socialists. It’s all a reflection of the polls. It turns out that now the only demographic left that continues to believe that capitalism is superior to either socialism or communism are Americans over 50 years of age. As the country continues to age and old people die, so will capitalism or at least support for it. Of course, when you look at the way Millennials live, you can’t really say it’s all that surprising.

In an Alternative Universe, There Is a Trump Who Cares About Us, and We Care About Things That Matter

In an alternative universe, there is a United States of America led by a president Donald Trump where people are actually focused on real issues that affect real people and there is a government and a news media that is focused on trying to find solutions to people’s actual problems. But we don’t live in that universe.

Good Obama / Evil Trump

If there is really a significant difference between president Donald Trump and his predecessors, it’s not policy. Policies have remained basically the same. It’s really a question of style. Trump is crass, rude, and overtly racist. Yes, tone makes a difference. But does it really matter that much? Not to the rest of the world or to most Americans.

Democrats Are Still in Denial About the Real Possibility That Donald Trump Could Win Again in 2020

Democrats don’t seem to have learned many lessons from the 2016 presidential election. The split between the liberal corporate Hillary Clinton wing that controls the party and the majority progressive party base represented by Bernie Sanders in 2016 continues to dominate the party and has created a bit of a civil war. Even mainstream Democratic voters don’t seem to want to accept the fact that there is a major possibility that Donald Trump will win reelection in 2020.

I Am Extremely Proud of my Facebook Friends Because They Are Smarter Than Most People

In order to have your data used by the Donald Trump campaign via Facebook in 2016, one of your friends had to fill out one of the silly psychological questionnaires sent out by Cambridge Analytica. I have 4800 Facebook friends. Not one of them did it.

Vote Democratic! Who Else Would Always Consistently Vote Republican?

Are Democrats stupid? Are Democrats corrupt? Are they both? It’s hard to tell sometimes. Most recently, Democrats gave away the leverage that they had against President Trump and the Republicans when they agreed to sign off on a two-year spending deal that favored the Republicans in exchange for a tepid promise by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to allow a clean up and down vote on whether or not undocumented people brought to the United States by their parents as children would be allowed to stay permanently. Now the president is saying that there will be no such deal. Democrats aren’t even bothering to complain anymore. So why should anyone vote Democratic?

Face It, Facebook Has Us Where Mark Zuckerberg Wants Us

Because they are so angry about the Cambridge Analytica scandal many Facebook users are deleting their Facebook accounts and spreading the hashtag #DeleteFacebook. But Facebook is ubiquitous. Facebook Connect is the way a lot of people log into applications and websites all over the Internet. Is it really possible to live a full life online without Facebook these days?

Progressives Should Know That Democrats Have No Intention of Impeaching President Trump If They Win Back Congress

Democrats are certain that a “blue wave” election will sweep them into Congress this fall. After all, the Democratic base is extremely anxious to impeach President Trump and only a Democratic House of Representatives and a Democratic Senate could accomplish that. But this is more wishful thinking on the part of progressive and liberal voters. In fact, top Democratic leaders including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have been clear about the fact that they have no intention whatsoever to impeach the president. Don’t be surprised if progressives and liberals are less than enthusiastic when it’s time to vote for president in 2020.