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Abortion Rights Are Doomed Now and It’s Largely the Democrats’ Fault

Donald Trump has picked Brett Kavanaugh, a reliable right-wing conservative jurist, to replace swing justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court. This means Roe v. Wade is in jeopardy. But the U.S. is the only country in the world that relies on a court decision, one with faulty reasoning, for abortion rights. Why doesn’t the U.S. simply legalize abortion like so many European countries have done? Because Democrats were content not to press the issue.

The Evil of Mobile Order and Pay

Numerous corporations, like Starbucks, are allowing customers to order online in advance so they don’t have to wait on line for their order. Once again, those of us who prefer to simply lead our lives without planning ahead every breath are penalized.

The Epic Battle Over Anthony Kennedy’s Replacement Is the Charadiest of All Charades Ever

Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement. Now, we’re being told, Democrats are about to wage a big battle to prevent a right-winger who might overturn Roe v. Wade from replacing him. In reality, of course, there’s nothing Democrats can do but posture. Trump will get his pick. Democrats will suck up to moderate Republicans, who will vote for Trump’s person no matter what. Why bother with this time-wasting charade?

Muslims Need Not Apply

Whatever happened to the old United States, the country that welcomed immigrants? After weeks of controversy over a policy of separating children at the US-Mexico border from their parents, and then losing them in the foster care system, the Trump Administration won a Supreme Court victory when the high court ruled along 5-4 partisan lines to approve the president’s ban on travel to the US by people from some Muslim nations.

First I Said Nothing Because The Bad Man Was a Democrat

Many of the refugees streaming across the US border with Mexico are from Central American nations like Honduras, one of many nations whose democratically elected leaders were overthrown by the American Central Intelligence Agency. This is classic blowback. In this case, a Democrat was responsible so many liberals looked the other way.

Who Would President Hillary Clinton Have Nominated to the Supreme Court to Replace Anthony Kennedy?

Justice Anthony Kennedy has been the deciding vote on the US Supreme Court for many years. Now he is retiring. It’s only natural, as Donald Trump prepares to nominate a conservative Republican to replace him, to wonder what Hillary Clinton would have done instead. Odds are, it would not have been much different. Her ideological history and militant centrism suggests as much.

Laura Ingraham’s Weird Idea of Summer Camp

FoxNews host Laura Ingraham says that foreign children detained at the US border with Mexico have nothing to complain about because the facilities are essentially the exact same as that of a summer camp or perhaps a boarding school. One has to wonder what kind of sad childhood she had.