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Brett Kavanaugh Shows Why the US is the Bestest Country in the Whole Wide World

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and subsequent controversy confirm an uncomfortable truth about the process: it’s not about serious issues but a carnival-like media feeding frenzy over scandal. Whether he tried to rape someone matters. Of course it matters. But why are we ignoring his outlandish legal theories and perjury?

Everyone is Talking About Blockchain But No One Does Anything About Knowing What It Actually Is

If you read or talk tech you hear about blockchain everywhere, even in the context of fields of endeavor it wouldn’t seem to relate to. Cool. But what’s blockchain?

If Other Nations Mourned Like the U.S.

What if other countries mourned their national tragedies the way we do? The United States reads off the names of the dead during annual commemoration ceremonies and builds walls with names. Other countries have far bigger death counts, often due to us, but the scale of the carnage makes it impossible for them to wallow in such niceties.

Sympathy for the Hardass Right-Wing Devil

Right-wing Republicans like Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh pride themselves on their careers of moralizing and judgementalism. They give no mercy, brook no excuses for wrongdoing. But when they’re accused of a crime, they beg like children to be forgiven and given the benefit of the doubt they don’t give others.

Trump: You Only Count as Dead if It Happens Right Away

As Hurricane Florence bore down on the Carolinas, Donald Trump tweeted that Democrats had unfairly blamed him for the 3,000 Puerto Ricans who died after two hurricanes destroyed the island last year and the federal government failed to provide adequate aid and infrastructure repairs after the storm. Trump says you only die from a hurricane if it happens that day. But that’s not how disasters unfold.

Can We Support Colin Kaepernick and Still Hate Nike For Abusing Foreign Workers?

Nike shoe company has signed a supportive endorsement deal for Colin Kaepernick, the NFL player who has been blackballed by the NFL for participating in the #BlackLivesMatter movement by taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. The problem for social justice-minded Americans is, can we support Kaepernick without supporting Nike, which is infamous for abusing its workers overseas and outsourcing American jobs?

Democrats Said Brett Kavanaugh Would Bring the End Times. Why Are They So Polite To Him at His Confirmation Hearing?

When Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court, Democrats said he would shift the court far to the right in a disastrous way. During Senate confirmation hearings, however, this “dangerous” nominee faces a smooth, easy ride without major challenges.

Here’s what a Pitch Meeting at a Millennial News and Culture Website and App Looks Like

Moderate and centrist liberals and Democrats offer watered-down solutions to serious problems. Why should anyone vote for them?

At the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing, Democrats Make a Not-So-Bold Stand for the #Resistance

Democrats interrupted Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee during confirmation for right-wing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But they weren’t willing to go to the mat. The minute Republicans expressed their annoyance they went quiet. So much for the glorious fight against Trump that Democrats dare to compare to the French Resistance of World War II!