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A New Media Glossary

Everything has been amped up in the media: at least the vocabulary has. A presidential tweet is “breaking news!” A press conference is a “blockbuster.” Here’s a guide to help you navigate the weird hyper-exagerrated world of 21st century clickbait media.

How Representative Democracy Works

We learn it in civics: you’re supposed to vote for the party and politician who represents your interests. But what if neither party even bothers to pretend to care about you and your wants and needs?

Labor Shortage! Time for Workers to Screw Their Bosses the Way They’ve Screwed Them for Decades

Employers report a spike in employee ghosting: workers walking off the job without giving notice. It’s all a result of the labor shortage and low unemployment rate. How else can workers get even with their bosses after years of abuse?

Nancy Pelosi Gets a Speakership By Agreeing to Just Four More Years. How Many Years Does She Have Anyway?

Nancy Pelosi convinced rebellious progressive Democrats to support her speakership by promising not to serve more than four more years. She’s almost 79 years old. It’s not like much of a give! And it’s not very promising for progressives.

A Vast Left-Wing Democratic Conspiracy is Out to Get Trump in as Complicated a Way as Possible

Democrats could simply argue that Donald Trump is insane and should be removed under the 25th Amendment. After all, it certainly seems likely. Instead they’re wallowing in convoluted conspiracy theories involving Russia, Ukraine and WikiLeaks that don’t appear to be true, much less understandable. Any idiot can make something simple sound complicated, and that’s what Democrats are doing.

If Watergate Happened Now the Press Would Be Too Busy Reporting on Tweets

There’s something bizarrely inane about so-called news reports whose content consists entirely of stating that someone tweeted something. Tweets aren’t news. They’re tweets. And tweets don’t need to be reported. They are their own micro-reports.

How Kale Took Over the World

Remember the world before kale? How to believe but there was once a time, very long ago, perhaps a decade or two ago, when no one had ever heard of this leafy green vegetable. Now it’s everywhere, and in everything, and it isn’t even any good. You kind of have to admire the genius marketing behind it.

Americans Call Them “Wimps” But It’s the French Who Burn Cities Over a Gas Tax Hike

The “yellow vest” street protest movement has provoked the most violent confrontation between the people and government since May 1968. And it started out over a gas tax. Meanwhile Americans put up with all sorts of nonsense but have the nerve to call the French cowards and wimps.