No One Is Ever Good Enough For Mr. Persnickety

I am frequently criticized of being too idealistic and to judgemental when it comes to Democrats. They’re just human beings! They’re doing their best. Why am I so hard on them? But the criticisms that I wage hardly seem like too much to ask. For example, don’t destroy the entire countries like Libya and Syria. Don’t kill hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq. Don’t torture them at Guantánamo. Don’t give massive tax cuts to the wealthy. Don’t hang out with rich people or accept their contributions. This is too much to ask?

3 thoughts on “No One Is Ever Good Enough For Mr. Persnickety

  1. I don’t see how any sane person could have voted for the Democrat or the Republican. Before Trump, the words were a little different, but their actions were the same. Trump says and tweets covfefe, but his actions align perfectly with his predecessors.

    And yet many think St Hillary was the vert best candidate for president the US has ever had, and Trump was the worst candidate then and is the worst president, 45th (or maybe worse) out of 45.

    Or at least that Secretary Clinton wasn’t nearly as bad as Trump, with absolutely no evidence to support even that claim.

  2. Sad but true, the D & R parties are pretty much aligned on economics and … uh … “diplomacy.”

    The D’s still have a slight edge on social issues. But the biggest recent gains – LGBTQ rights and marijuana legalization – are both grass-roots initiatives.

  3. Now that was a low blow, Ted – you’re obviously mirroring some of the more egregious posters to the commentary threads here ! You are indeed a real hard arse – keep up the good work !…


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