Morality by Terrorism

Joe Cornell, 52, was working in the lot of a Salvation Army location as part of a substance abuse rehabilitation program when he saw a bag of cash fall out of the back of a Brinks armored cash transport car as it drove over railroad tracks in downtown Fresno. He sent it back – because he was afraid of the police state.

6 thoughts on “Morality by Terrorism

  1. Don’t know if Mr Cornell did the «right» thing, but given the level of surveillance with which we are surrounded today, he certainly did the prudent thing. The Greek philosophers would have applauded his act as an example of «σωφροσύνη» (which hardly characterised their society, or for that matter, ours)….


  2. I can’t see drones for jaywalkers … but for BICYCLISTS oh hell, yeah. Gimme the remote!

    Long time ago, I read some science fiction where they had Big Brother cameras everywhere. But the ‘film’ went into a sealed vault which needed a warrant to open. The idea was that nobody could spy on you, but if there was a crime committed, THEN they could open up just the relevant ones.

    You’d be happy with that, right? If someone whacked you in the back of the head & stole your wallet, you wouldn’t mind if THAT was on tape.

    All it would take would be honest judges, honest politicians, honest cops…

  3. Meanwhile the banksters commit their crimes openly in public and dare anyone to charge them with a crime. And if you try to stir up some activity toward prosecutions, the state enforcement agencies will, and have, come down on the protesters like a ton of bricks.

    All in the name of order, of course.

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