The Evil of Mobile Order and Pay

Numerous corporations, like Starbucks, are allowing customers to order online in advance so they don’t have to wait on line for their order. Once again, those of us who prefer to simply lead our lives without planning ahead every breath are penalized.

41 thoughts on “The Evil of Mobile Order and Pay

    • I kick you for fun, not out of anger.

      I thank Ted for giving you a place here because your assholishess and embrace of Trumpism makes you an organizing object (of ridicule) for people who see Trump as an asshole too, but not strictly and only from a Democratic Party (bullshit) perspective, whom I also hold in very low regard.

      The Emperor (president), whether Republican or Democrat, has no clothes.

      A real opposition to these self-aggrandizing asshole parties would give the Forty Percenters a reason to come out and vote against the two Thirty Percenter parties.

    • @AT

      Your cohort Timothy Trybus now faces two counts of felony hate crime.

      Officer Patrick Connor, who ignored calls for help from the Puerto Rican woman assaulted by Timothy Trybus, resigned on Wednesday amid calls for the forest preserve district to terminate his employment.

      Let that be a lesson to all the racists inspired by Trump.

  1. There was a day when a landline was a novelty. A few years later it was a necessity. Will cell phones go the same way? I hope not, but the world doesn’t pay much attention to my hopes. I might pre-order something, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to use mobile pay. Oh, yeah, hang my credit card in the cloud – what could possibly go wrong?

    I’ve read that teenagers are doing less sex and drugs – ‘cuz they’re sitting alone in their room tapping on their phones. One wonders what happens if they marry and actually occupy the same room together for the first time.

    On coffee: I prefer dark roasts, and drink my espresso straight. But I do not like the way that Bigbucks coffee co city roasts everything. Many coffees are better light roasted. Last time I tried Dunkin’ they were still using stale, pre-ground, pre-packaged Boyd’s coffee. Have they stepped up since then?

    • I’m still disagreeing with AT. Dunkin’s is watery and way too sweet – even without c/s. I know it’s trendy to be jaded and aloof about Starbucks, but it’s strong, properly bitter coffee. I’d even put Panera’s ahead of DD.

      • Dunkin’s is sweet only if you ask for it sweet and then they put in seven scoops of sugar and it tastes like syrup. I get mine light and steamed.

        Panera’s is awful. It’s not even hot. It sits out there for hours. And you have to pour it yourself.

        The local coffee shops tend to have much better coffee, but then there is no app.

      • I’d imagine that someone with your charming personality would be used to working the spout yourself.

        When it’s fresh, it is pretty damn good though. But yeah, especially in Philly the coffee runs best at the bodegas.

  2. From the deli to coffee, I use apps for just about everything. I also have as much as possible shipped directly to my door with free delivery. Banking and bills are done online.

    I mingle less and less with the great unwashed.

    • All the better to monitor your every purchase and location.

      Of course, since you live like Nazi Adolf Hitler in his final days, (who then remained hidden in his bunker) by hiding from the less fearful Americans, and their germs, while ranting anonymously and idiotically, just like your cohort arrested for assaulting the Puerto Rican woman in Cook County IL.

      Maybe you will be doxed and lose your anonymity through one of the massive digital data leaks that seem to occur weekly.

      One can’t be too safe, though. Using cash exposes you to the germs of the Great Unwashed.

      • I imagine your skin will look as white a grub found under a rotting log when we finally see it.

        Are you that pure shade of white? Do you hide from the sun out of fear of turning brown?

      • There’s a delicate balance between getting enough natural Vitamin D and exposing oneself to the sun. Nothing damages the skin like the rays of the sun.

        Fortunately, I am happy every time I look in the mirror and see my face.

      • Every time you look in the mirror you should see that you look like Timothy Trybus.

      • @AT

        Every time you look in the mirror you should see that you look like James Alex Fields Jr.

      • @AT

        People who knew accused Charlottesville driver James Alex Fields Jr. as a child remember a young man who used racial slurs, appeared fond of Adolf Hitler

  3. Starbucks is overrated and after groveling to shakedown artists, they are forever diminished in my eyes.

    The much more plebian Dunkin’ Donuts actually has better coffee.

    • @AT

      You strongly implicate here the concept that the Black gentlemen who were victims of harassment at Starbucks received what was deserved by them because they were, after all, guilty of being Black.

      And they may have shat in the restroom, an event that would not occur in the world as you and Trump would have it, because white people’s shit is much too precious to mingle that of non-whites.

      Yet for all your germophobia you eat up and spew the toxic shit from Trumps mouth without even inspecting it.

      • The gentlemen were guilty of setting the business up. When I go to a business, I order something. It’s called manners.

        Your scatological references trouble me, Glenn. I’m worried for you. I fear you were once violated and that it has produced this fixation. Please take care of yourself.

      • I can’t help it.

        I read your shit and then think of shit.

        My response to you is unique in my experience.

      • @AT

        I can’t help it.

        It’s as compelling as eating just one more potato chip and just as easy.

        I hope you don’t mind taking abuse just because of your hateful white power racist degeneracy. I always figure that one should be able to take what one gives out.

        So stop being such a crybaby when people make fun of your dumb Trumpy Wumpy white race savior fixation.

        You are beyond salvation if you believe half the shit that comes out of your posts.

  4. Ted, are you really so addicted to Starbucks that you can’t get a cup of coffee elsewhere, should the need arise ? Or has the competition already been swallowed up in the US ?….


      • Since their shakedown in April, they are becoming homeless shelters.

    • Stabucks management? They couldn’t get hired at Sears, so they went to work for Starbucks. I have never seen greater duh-ery than I do at the average Starbucks. The coffee is burnt. Why? By offering such truly bitter coffee, people automatically level up to something else that’s much more expensive. And so many of the Starbucks stores are so unclean. Granted, the Dunkiin’ Donuts near me is pretty dirty too, but it seems a universal now that clerks at coffee shops will not wipe down tables.

  5. Mobile Order and Pay is one more reason why we do not need any more migration to this country.

    We don’t need more workers. Our phones and robots will do the work for us.

    • The software that you entrust your personal information to is developed by people from India, among other non-US countries.

      You security in illusory, even in the world you desire where your only interaction will be with sterile robotic machines.

      Beware the robot that accepts your penis, should the dirty filthy desire for sex arise from your putrid soul.

      • > As I say to Crazy H when …

        … you don’t want to admit you’ve been beat. Seriously dude, you’re not as subtle as you seem to think. Posting a reply-less reply simply makes it more obvious (to everyone else)

      • The highest form of insult is the one in which the target doesn’t even realize he’s been owned.

        Don’t worry, coach – we’re not laughing with you.

      • @AT

        Your irritation with me is the highest form of flattery.

        You are such a powder puff.

        You are starting to cave here just like you do in the classroom.

        We are just as unruly as your students are, and likely for the same reasons: your boorish lack of humanity.

        Time for you to surrender to your inevitable collapse in the face of well-deserved disrespect due to your disrespect for others.

        You are just going through the motions now just as you are with your students and school’s administration.

        But you get payed for your slacktitude in school, but what, I can’t imagine, do you get here for being kicked around like an empty pinata?

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