Made in USA

Egyptian government troops crack down on pro-democracy protesters using weapons and tear gas cannisters made in the United States.

5 thoughts on “Made in USA

  1. The amazing thing is not that the US is hated, but that it is still so well liked among the opposition in many of these countries, despite the policies of its government. Wish thinking and dreams of powerful allies have important political, as well as religious, consequences….


  2. So we make teargas? Gosh, we’re not making cars anymore, or much of anything else that we used to make. But, hey, we’re making shit to oppress people, so we’re not totally jobless.

    Maybe I should get a job at a teargas factory.

  3. I used to think teargas was fairly harmless to breath in, in smaller concentrations, but now I am not so sure. Now I am inclined to believe that teargas might be manufactured differently.

    Although teargas is lethal with high concentration in closed spaces, I also am inclined to believe that complications might arise from moderate exposure.

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