Laura Ingraham’s Weird Idea of Summer Camp

FoxNews host Laura Ingraham says that foreign children detained at the US border with Mexico have nothing to complain about because the facilities are essentially the exact same as that of a summer camp or perhaps a boarding school. One has to wonder what kind of sad childhood she had.

3 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham’s Weird Idea of Summer Camp

  1. Earlier, I suggested that these scumbags’ children be placed in “summer camp” – and immediately retracted same ‘cuz I don’t believe in punishing children for their parents’ transgressions. (especially when said supposed transgressions are small potatoes.)

    So, maybe we should put Laura & Melania in summer camp for awhile. Let ’em live the good life separated from their families and deprived of their freedom. Why not? If they think it’s such a good life…

    Didja see where a bunch of ICE agents want to see ICE disbanded? They’d prefer to go after real criminals – like human traffickers – rather than incarcerate children. Why do you think they ponied up for pizza and cookies? How about because the sight of thousands of incarcerated children actually touched their undersized hearts? Even those bastards couldn’t stomach what they were doing.

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