You Might Just Be an ICE Deportation Goon If…

Trump wants to add 10,000 employees to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service under the Department of Homeland Security. This huge increase would largely be dedicated to carrying out mass deportations ordered in order to follow up his campaign promises. You kind of have to ask yourself: what kind of person would want to do this kind of work?

4 thoughts on “You Might Just Be an ICE Deportation Goon If…

  1. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    ― Upton Sinclair

    People rushed to North Dakota in the middle of winter for a chance at a decent job fracking oil. They will apply for these positions in droves, (though the typical waiting period to vet these positions may be as much as 18 months). After rounding up members of their communities who lack proper papers they will treat their nagging consciences with beer and greasy burgers, same as Obama’s goons did.

  2. Ted.
    1. How is the lawsuit going? I am sweating bullets for you.
    2. The ICE goons? For at least a decade, I have told all my friends, I will not take a plane unless it’s a life-or-death situation. I will not put up with the whole ‘we have to frisk you” thing.
    3. The whole purpose of Trump’s wall/border/deportation thing is this: By appearing insane and lunatic, Trump has actually woken a lot of illegals up. I will be genuinely surprised if there are mass deportations. My thinking is still that Trump is doing a few deportations (still fewer than Obama), to make everyone realize that this is REAL. And by making it REAL, he will be able to force the issue.

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