The Predator Option

Hollywood production mogul Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own company after being accused by numerous alleged victims of sexual harassment over the years. Now there are rape allegations as well. The media and online pile-on makes some people uncomfortable, and the bigger issue is the power dynamic inherent to capitalism and the treatment of employees like property by employers, but this is one of those issues where it shouldn’t be hard to find the right side.

5 thoughts on “The Predator Option

  1. Unfortunately the casting couch has been a staple in Hollywood ever since the invention of the movie camera. Marilyn Monroe did not become a star based on her talents – at least not the talents usually associated with acting per se. (one of the Kennedys famously referred to her as a “vacuum cleaner with tits”) By all accounts she willingly demonstrated her talents for anyone who could advance her career. Okay, I guess that’s legit – sleazy but legit.

    Likewise, “blow me and I’ll get you a part in this film” is sleazy … but if we have agreement beforehand then it’s a business deal. (assuming the sleazebag actually follows through – otherwise it’s a broken contract)

    Forcing yourself on someone, fondling without permission, etc, is *not* legit, it’s rape plain and simple. “Sleep with me if you want a promotion” is a fireable offense and should result in the sleazebag being banned from management positions for life. “Sleep with me if you want to keep your job” is flat out rape and should be prosecuted as such.

    So, back to the Casting Couch. We should at least be open and aboveboard about it. “POSITION AVAILABLE (missionary) Pretty actress wanted for bit part – must be willing to have sex with malodorous sleazebag. Compensation DOE.”

  2. If he wasn’t such a “liberal” – and didn’t have such a Jewish sounding name – would he get more support from the likes of 4chan along the lines of “innocent until proven guilty”?

    Will anyone except Ted name the elephant in the room – the concentration of authority positions deciding on who gets play – rather than just pile on the individual bad apple?

    Is this case really so different from rape culture more generally (including on campuses) in terms of “simply finding the right side” rather than a more nuanced approach (as done by Ted himself in some of the recent columns)?

    Are this poster’s question devolving into mere trolling?

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