No Starlets

How can we separate the brilliant auteur from his disgusting sexual history as a predator? If only there were a warning label.

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  1. Let me play devil’s advocate.

    Beautiful wannabe takes a tour of the kitchen with powerful movie magnate. She notes that he shoos off the kitchen staff. He tries to force a kiss. She rejects him. He tells her to stand there and be quiet, while he jerks off in front of her. Poor victim, she has no recourse but to stand there, be quiet, and watch him ejaculate. Really?

    Well, if she’d kicked him in the nuts, it would have cost her career. What does that make HER? (“BUtterfield 8”)

    • > What does that make HER?

      In Sweden it would make her a victim of rape. Here, the best she could hope for would be a much lesser charge – if any. The magnate is still a sleazebag who fully deserves a kick in the nuts. (“Bailiff, whack his peepee”)

      The local dojo sells T-Shirts that read “I kick like a girl.” I wholeheartedly endorse the idea.

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  2. The auteurs and artists who are financially successful and can make it into the public eye have talents other than the artistic component. Mainly they can self-promote and are driven to pursue their aims. Many – as we have seen – are egotists to the point of being sociopathic. This is what makes them want to take the roles that they do. In effect the way our society works selects the worst sorts and gives them the power that corrupts them.

  3. Bill Cosby (low hanging fruit) absolute comedic genius & absolute sleazebag.

    I don’t know the answer – I have difficulty compartmentalizing as well. So here’s some fat for the fire: Nazi researchers did garner some real knowledge from their horrific experiments on Jews. Some people have said that we should ignore that knowledge because of how it was obtained. But it *is* knowledge – and if we don’t keep it those poor people will have died for nothing.

    I say keep the knowledge, but entertainment seems to be a different beast …

    • Mike Tyson: convicted rapist. But he still shows up on entertainment venues and everyone seems to forget. Maybe it’s because he didn’t rape a white woman (so far as we know?)

      • But in his case, being a war criminal is considered a primary job requirement. 😉

        Hey, didja no that Henry Kissinger doesn’t actually exist? Over the years he’s been played by several different actors. In fact, I wonder who’s Kissinger now…

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