With Democrats Like Doug Jones, Who Needs Republicans?

Democrats were understandably excited when Alabama elected one of their own to the U.S. Senate last December. Let’s follow up now: how did Doug Jones vote? Spoiler alert: pretty much like a Republican. The point of electing a Democrat if he doesn’t vote like one?

2 thoughts on “With Democrats Like Doug Jones, Who Needs Republicans?

  1. My problem with Democrats who vote like Democrats is that they’re neo-liberals, who have the exact same foreign policy as the neo-cons, regime changing the world into the Thucydides trap.

    About the only thing businesses can’t do under a neo-liberal that they can do under a neo-con is refuse to sell a wedding cake for a same sex marriage (which is something, but it’s not enough).

    Trump says he’s getting rid of job-killing regulations against businesses dumping their wastes into the drinking water. Obama gave great speeches about keeping the drinking water safe, but didn’t enforce any of those regulations. Words opposite, actions same.

  2. awww, dang gone it Ted – I liked it better the first way. To those not on Patreon (and why not?) the original draft said “20 years” instead of “20 weeks”

    Oh, hell yeah – abortion should be retroactive for at least twenty years. I’ve got a list …

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