Donald Trump Insult-Tweets Sweet Baby Jesus But It Doesn’t Matter

Donald Trump’s insult tweets follow a familiar pattern of outrage followed by numbness. And the slime always manages to linger

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Insult-Tweets Sweet Baby Jesus But It Doesn’t Matter

  1. Trump tweeted that god is a wimp.

    If only – looks more like an insane sadist to me. But considering the nature of the beings that created «god», it can hardly be blamed….


  2. It is fun watching them fall all over themselves in a frantic rush to deny every ‘value’ they’ve ever espoused.

    If only we could hack Trump’s twitter account. It can’t be that tough a password – he’s like a really smart guy and knows that no one would ever guess “Password” as a password.

    So, anyway – if we did we could tweet out, “Law of gravity liberal myth. Sad!” then we watch all the Trumpoids walk off of 10th story balconies. (watch and giggle and clap and jump up and down)

  3. I particularly enjoyed this one for the added layers (and I don’t just mean the toilet paper in the first panel). Trump’s “critics” arguing from a “fact-based” position while talking about a superbeing who lives in the clouds …
    Let’s look at Trump with a fact-based perspective.
    First, he owes his presidency to Hillary Clinton. He beat one of the most unliked and unlikable politicians in all of America in a TKO. She’s covered in scandals that she always manages to evade. She’s an influence peddler and a carpetbagger. She and her husband spent decades assembling the greatest collection of lickspittles the world has ever known in the dNC, and by their powers combined, they were able — barely — to finally get rid of an elderly Jewish socialist (America, of course, having a long tradition of electing socialist Jews to the Presidency) by one of the most open instances of cheating ever seen in American politics (I say “seen” because most politicians are smart enough to leave no evidence, but “brilliant’ Hill left a trail like a 747 tumbling into an Iowa cornfield with four dead engines and one and a half wings. Trump beat her by the skin of his teeth.
    First and a half, not only does Trump owe HRC a thank-you basket of chocolates, the Republican Party really ought to pass the hat for an Amazon gift card, seeing as how they were right on the edge of winking out until Hillary gave them a cause to refocus around.
    Second, Trump knows exactly how to control the press.
    Look at the horse-and-pony show with Jim Acosta. Look at Kavanaugh. Look at all the misspelled Tweets. Look at the entire Trump presidency as an example of close-up magic. If Acosta gets his badge back, Trump will simply ignore him. Except that Acosta is far more useful now as a prop. Trump can always pull Jim out of his hat. “Well, Lying Jim at Lying, Failing CNN wants to ask a question. We know what happened last time I didn’t want to listen to any of his lies. He had a tantrum, so let’s settle the big baby down. Go ahead Jimmy, ask your 10 minute question which is you talking about yourself for 9 and a half minutes.” Kavanaugh? Check the records. There were at least a dozen other candidates that were cookie-cutter clones of Kavanaugh ideologically. Kav was Trump’s sacrificial lamb. Let them tear him apart, then the second nominee, who’d be identical, would get through. Twitter? A godsend. It’s like chumming the waters. Trump posts, and everyone gets distracted. Who knows what’s gotten past everyone because they were outraged about some idiot thing on the twitfeed.
    Frankly, I blame the marks. The press and the people seem to be completely incapable of saying, “No. Wait. He says he has my nose. And it looks like he’s got my nose in his hand. But that’s just not possible. Should I put my hand to my face and see if my nose is missing? Or should I post to Twitter for an hour and a half about how upset I am about Trump’s nose-swiping ability? Hmmm… Maybe if I play a few rounds of three-card monte I’ll feel better. I’m due for a win.”

    • Great cartoon, Ted.

      And great comment Alex.

      All true, sad, and yet funny.

      The ReTrumplicans disconnect from reality in no way excuses the opposition’s own disconnect from reality.

      The Duper-in-chief and the dupees both deserve a share of the blame. After all, you can’t have one without the other.

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