Our Two Parties, Explained

Given the failure of the Trump Administration to articulate a coherent policy message or to enact significant legislation, you would think the Democrats would be rising to the occasion, forming a loyal opposition party that explained their alternative vision. You would be wrong. Here’s why.

14 thoughts on “Our Two Parties, Explained

  1. Our only hope lies in the fact that the GOP is committing suicide. Who knows – mebbe the dummycrats can pass some pro-human legislation in the face of zero opposition. (Or nah.)

  2. Democrats run on the promise to appoint people-friendly Supreme Court justices.

    Republicans tell them NO, then “helpless” hapless Democrats whimperingly say OK.

    Like taking candy from a baby.

    And they sell themselves the great protectors and hope for America’s future.

    • Democratic leadership amounts to leading the people into subservience.

      They tell the people, Relax,we are in control, and once the people relax they let Republicans roll over them.

      • Thereby doing their part to preserve the status quo or bend it even further in favour of the super rich, who run the country. Let us hope they are appropriately rewarded, both in this life and in that to come, to which US politicians love to appeal….


  3. Ted, you’ve just saved innumerable school districts in the US immense amounts of money – they will no longer need to purchase textbooks in what I believe is called «Civics», given that you’ve managed to encapsulate all that citizens need to know about hos the country is run in four brief frames….


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