Is There an Inverse Relationship between the Stock Market and Presidential Sanity?

Is the performance of the stock market inversely related to the mental health of the president of the United States. The big records set by the Dow Jones Industrial Average under Donald Trump (20,000 in 2017, 25,000 in 2018) serve as a reminder that securities markets seem to reward presidential weirdness over competence and sanity. Sorry, Jimmy Carter!

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About Ted Rall

Ted Rall is the political cartoonist at, editor-in-chief of, a graphic novelist and author of many books of art and prose, and an occasional war correspondent. He is the author of the biography "Trump," to be published in July 2016.

2 thoughts on “Is There an Inverse Relationship between the Stock Market and Presidential Sanity?

  1. Ted, you frighten me – that head held by the psychotic cannibal to the right of the drawing looks a lot like your self-portraits….


    PS : Does Rafael Edward Cruz wear cyan suits ?…

  2. The New York Times and all its readers know that every Democrat was great (except maybe Carter), and every Republican was terrible. But what’s the difference? (As I think the cartoon indicates, putting Nixon, Clinton, Obama, and Trump side by side.)

    The only difference is that every president before Trump had every word they read off the teleprompter checked and re-checked and re-re-checked by a team of Ivy League checkers, while Trump tweets and talks covfefe every day, but while what they said was completely different, what they did was about the same.

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