Obama’s Weird Justice

I owe this one to one of the commenters here at the . He pointed out that Obama prefers to punish people who haven’t committed crimes over those who already have. Such a hilarious observation! I hope my cartoon is worthy of it.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Weird Justice

  1. However…can you imagine what would happen if Obama actually tried to have Bush & Cheney prosecuted for their mass murder and other war crimes?

    Can you say "John F. Kennedy"?

  2. Got any skeletons in your closet, maybe a hit and run accident, any kind of guilt at all, perhaps you caused the death of someone and have never been suspected of that unsolved crime, get over it! That was in the past, nobody can do anything about it now, just keep your nose clean going forward.

  3. Hats off to the unnamed commenter. One of your best ever. The look on the guy's face (with the question mark) is priceless.

  4. The current stance of the government about the prisoners – that they are too dangerous to release because they were persecuted – would enable one of those guys who like to imprison women to make a citizen's arrest of an attractive woman for double parking (or have a friend do so and sell her to him), keep her in the basement for 6 months, then say, while what I did was wrong, she would get me in trouble if released now, so she's too dangerous to let go, and I'll buy her softer handcuffs and a nicer port-a-potty. (and move her from the basement to my cousin's rural guest cottage).

    That said, very few countries in a position of power prosecute their own crimes. We have to leverage against the House and Senate – the president is too far up – and the pressure has to partly come from international organizations. It has to be made clear by outside forces that the US is a human rights violator.

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