Whatever happened to ballsy cops?

9 thoughts on “Crybabies

  1. Grouchy I would have agreed with you heartily if instead of:

    Cops are the goons of capitalism.

    you'd written:

    Cops are the goons of statism.

    After all, cops were as much of the goons they are in the US as they were in the Soviet Union. Or the Third Reich. Or Cuba. Or China. You get the point.

  2. Cops willingly going to counseling or therapy after alleged stressful experiences on the job? Please! Only a formality.
    Know what happens when a cop stops another cop speeding or violating any rules of the road? Nothing. Not a god-DAMNED thing! I assume this professional courtesy exists because cops have the most difficult job in the entire world. Right! Yeah. Sure!

  3. Everybody else seems to be afraid to ask the question that has probably occurred to most of them, so I'll ask it. Who the fuck is Y_S and what the fuck is his/her problem?

  4. Ted, your humor is better than coffee for waking me up in the morning… and probably less than half as carcinogenic… 😉

    Groucho, the blog "Distant Ocean" has some good examples of what you're talking about.

  5. Cops are the goons of capitalism.

    Those of us who are poor or working class know that they routinely abuse their power. (Once a cop was being a jerk to me; I asked for his badge number–he put his hand on his gun and asked me if I still needed to know it…)

    It's maddening to hear "liberals" on NPR getting their panties in a bunch about the way this cop acted. What's new?!? Worse abuses are taking place in hundreds of American ghettos at any given moment…

  6. Nice contrarian line Ted.


    But lets face it; your Ohio upbringing is showing through. You don't like black people.

    Thats what comes out of growing up in Kettering Ohio in the 1970's.



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