Best System Over

Between vast reserves of cash, her own giant Super PAC and a ground operation in waiting, Hillary Clinton appears to have the Democratic nomination for president in 2016 all locked up. So it’s unlikely that anyone will attempt, much less succeed, in challenging her.

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  1. Candidates don’t win elections, they’re just a bunch of stuffed bylines crammed into an empty suit. Voters don’t win elections, they’re just the hoi-polloi rabble being bled to finance the racket. And even vote-counters allow elections to be won ONLY after they’ve been instructed by the ruling, bankster oligarchic elite who’ve forever been holding the purse-strings of cultural education.

    So, in the end, elections have never been “won,” they’ve only ever been bought.

    History of the World.


  2. Given that we’ve got three branches of gubmint* under GOP control already – maybe Hillary *is* the right choice. They’d be so busy blocking anything she said that there would be another 4-8 years of absolute gridlock. It’s not great, but better than what they’d do if they got the executive branch as well.

    Is this post tongue in cheek? Y’know, I’m not entirely certain on that one myself.

    *three branches: Judicial, Legislative, & Media.

  3. Ted,

    I’m reminded of two items:
    1. Gertrude Stein’s “There’s no there there.”
    2. The scene in one of the “Fletch” books where Fletch gets chewed out for writing an obit that consists basically of “Joan Smith dies Thursday at 68 years of age. She did nothing with her life.” His editor chews him out and asks how he came to write the obit. Fletch details a whole list of questions he asked. Did she go to college? Did she marry? Did she do anything unusual or pioneering? The surviving sister answers all the questions in the negative. Was she active in a church? No. Did she do volunteer work? No. Etc.

    Finally, Fletch says, “So, would it be fair to say she didn’t do anything with her life?” The sister agreees.

    With those two items in mind, I ask — and honest to God, I’m not trying for a fight here, I genuinely am asking it as a question that I would LOVE someone to tear the cover off the ball on — What, exactly, has Hillary Clinton done?

    She’s been either IN power or so close to power as to have her hands on the controls for decades. What has she actually done?

    What, exactly, has she done?

    • By the way, the reason I ask the question is because Hillary’s campaign could implode quite easily if some policy hack (or, if one can be found, a legitimate journalist) simply asks over and over, What has Hillary done?

      You can bluff on your hand in poker, but you can’t bluff on the number of chips you have on the table. I think Hillary has very few chips to throw into the pot, and that is a severe limitation in a political campaign.

    • Alex

      Why, exactly, do you think having done nothing will cause her problems? Obama had done nothing, really less than nothing, when he ran. Bush II the same. Didn’t seem to slow either of them down. Clinton’s resume is packed compared to either of theirs. Not that I like her 🙂

    • Now you’re merely being snide, alex – surely you know that Ms Clinton dodged imaginary bullets at the Tusla aeroport back in ’96. I know that I – and suspect that you as well – have never done anything of the sort in our respective lives !… 😉


      • I stand corrected, mein verehrter Lehrer ! Calm composure under fire is no doubt a most valuable resource when the phone rings at 03:00 hours and they report that they still have been unable to locate Bill…. 😉


      • I hope that’s not equated to a qualification for occupancy of the Oval Office/White House! 😀

      • When I learned, as an elementary school student, that the ancient Athenians (i e, the male citizens, a majority of residents were, of course, excluded from the «democracy») chose their officials by lot, I, like my compeers, felt that our system of «representative democracy» was far superior. With a fair number of decades under my belt, I am no longer quite so sure…. 😉


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