Bad Santa

Barack Obama has a list and he’s checking it twice: a “kill list” that he personally reviewed in order to decide whom he wants to assassinate, according to The New York Times.

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About Ted Rall

Ted Rall is the political cartoonist at, editor-in-chief of, a graphic novelist and author of many books of art and prose, and an occasional war correspondent. He is the author of the biography "Trump," to be published in July 2016.

15 thoughts on “Bad Santa

  1. The problem with these drones is that they must still be controlled by human jockeys sitting at a desk at some military base. Just wait until they become autonymous ( – then the fur (or skin, muscle, bone, internal organs, etc) will really begin to fly ! US residents who approve of this sort of thing my, however, want to consider the fact that their are presently at least 64 drone bases (and probably many more) in the US itself (….


  2. Since Obama took office, he has killed only evil terrorists, always just days or hours before they would have attacked the US and killed Americans (they always found irrefutable evidence that an attack was imminent after the drone strike, just read the New York Times). Obama has killed men terrorists, women terrorists, and baby terrorists, but not one single innocent victim has been killed since Obama took office, thanks to his very careful attention to detail.

    And by ‘detail’ I mean that, under US and International Law, every single man, woman, and baby killed by a US drone is a fortiori a heinous criminal terrorist.

    Obama has also followed the highest ideals and never employed torture. Under US law, no interrogation technique employed by the US against its enemies can ever be called ‘torture’, so, again a fortiori, Obama has never (and, under the US definition CAN NEVER) employ torture. If Obama has been using the rack, the bastinado, thumbscrews, electrodes to the genitals, he has every right, and NONE of those are torture, they are only ‘enhanced interrogations’ under US law, and only flagrant criminals would EVER call any of those vital techniques ‘torture’ when used by the US against its enemies.

    And the US press has reliably proved that Osama was days from a horrific attack on the US that would have wiped out most of the US population, but Obama got him just in time, and this was only possible because they used the Chinese Water Enhanced Interrogation Technique and got one of his henchmen to reveal his location, so no decent American can ever have the slightest objection to the Chinese Water Enhanced Interrogation, without which almost every American would now be dead at the hands of Osama.

    And the only people who question any of this are Birthers. So, if you’re not a complete wing-nut, you MUST accept that Obama has only killed heinous criminals and has kept American and Americans safe. Every one of those dead babies was on the verge of killing millions of loyal Americans, and no one can possibly question that Obama kept America safe by killing them.

    Since the US President has the legal right to kill anyone for any reason or for no reason, every rational American must agree that giving this legal right to a radical Mormon would be foolhardy in the extreme–only someone like Obama can handle this responsibility.

    Of course, some wing-nuts question whether the babies killed by the drones were really hours away from attacking America and killing millions of Americans, but these are the same people who say Obama was born in Kenya. And if you do not think that Hawaii is part of Kenya, then you MUST agree that everything Obama has done has been absolutely essential to keep America safe.


    Note that the US has a free press. Mr Rall is allowed to post his anti-US views on gocomics. The major paper newspapers might be prohibited from running his cartoons, but Mr Rall is free to publish anywhere no one will ever see him. So America is the Greatest Country that ever Was or ever Will Be.

    And if I had any money, I’d try to support Mr Rall, but the Clinton Law left me totally impecunious.

  3. Whimsical,

    Sorry I didn’t check back on that. For the purposes of the bet, by charity I mean that the money has to be sent to an organization outside of your control. For instance: The Whimsical Beer Fund does NOT count. The Alex Needs Scratch Tickets Trust does NOT count. But the ACLU, the Salvation Army, Doctors Without Borders, even the NRA, are all acceptable choices.

    My charity will be Pretty Bird Woman House, a battered woman’s shelter on the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota. It is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. (

  4. This is actually a good cartoon Ted, this is the hilarious absurdity I miss. Instead of trying to change the world through influence you don’t have, you just mock it, so those that read your cartoons with an open mind have to at least admit the absurdity of believing in the current government.

  5. That NYT article is a disgrace, as is the lionizing coverage that the MSM gives the military, as Greenwald reminds us, apropos the equally disgraceful 60 minutes segment about Panetta. But, as the Obamabots whine, you either put up with that or it’s apocalypse!
    BTW, you suck at drawing predator drones almost as much as you suck at drawing boobs!

  6. Sweet, Obama now has the legal authority to kill anybody he wants… I feel sorry for Michelle Obama’s first lover….. and the first guy to try to date one of his kids when they grow up.

  7. Aww, poor plant. Has your continuing failure to deliver your right-wing masters the “glowious wevloution” they long for been hard on you lately- reminding you of what a petty, small-minded, moron you are?


  8. Whimsical – no one gives a shit what you have to say, not even Alex. Go over to dKos and join your cheerleading pals.

    Adjective: Acting or behaving in a capricious manner.
    Usage: “That bozo Whimsical has shit for brains”.

  9. Ex,

    And the Internet makes it so much easier, too. We used to have a finite number of sources. Now, it’s a free-for-all, and the authentic sources are fading out (bye-bye New Orleans Times-Picayune). Just wait until it’s 50 or so “authentic” bloggers doing all the muckraking. Do you have any idea how easy it will be to crush them, one by one via perfectly legal means?

    I hear New Zealand is about to outlaw smoking. Maybe I’ll check out their immigration page.

  10. The interesting thing to note about this is the American public’s attitude toward illegal assassinations. Back in the 1970’s when we were assassinating leaders of South American countries, overthrowing their democratically elected governments, etc … the U.S. government always covered up and vehemently denied it. “The loony left!!” “Lies of liberals who hate America!!” And so on. That disinformation is not even needed anymore because Americans come in two flavors when it comes to their government engaging in war crimes: They either don’t care, or they are ok with it.

    The CIA must be saving a bundle on propaganda (which the media takes care of for them) and disinformation campaigns. The American people just don’t give a fuck about this stuff being done with their tax dollars. As long as the water keeps coming out of the tap and they can buy 50 different types of cheese, it’s all good.

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