At the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing, Democrats Make a Not-So-Bold Stand for the #Resistance

Democrats interrupted Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee during confirmation for right-wing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But they weren’t willing to go to the mat. The minute Republicans expressed their annoyance they went quiet. So much for the glorious fight against Trump that Democrats dare to compare to the French Resistance of World War II!

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9 thoughts on “At the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing, Democrats Make a Not-So-Bold Stand for the #Resistance

  1. Perhaps the Democrats could let loose a rumour to the effect that it was Mr Kavanaugh who penned that New York Times OpEd, which has by implication defined the policies of the deep state ; i e, internally, more money to the super-rich and the military and repression of, e g, women’s rights to their bodies, externally, even worse relations with Russia and trade and technological warfare on China. That would indeed put the cat among the pigeons – if, which seems unlikely, anyone could tell them apart…. 😉


  2. Ted,

    There’s a scene in “Goldfinger,” where Bond has killed off everyone in the gold vault and has just managed to break open the atomic bomb case, and he’s desperately trying to figure out a way to stop it as it ticks away the last few seconds. And in comes Felix (I think it’s Felix), and he knocks aside Bond’s fumbling hands and simply switches the bomb off. “What kept you?” Bond says (probably with a pantsload of liquid shit trickling down his Saville Row trousers).

    That’s what the Democratic Party is like now, in a way. A bunch of fumbling oafs who are fine up to a point, but are totally useless at the crucial moment. Kavanaugh will probably get confirmed. The Democrats are in for a hell of a surprise come the midterms. I think it’s possible that the “old school” Dems are going to find themselves being shoved right out the door en masse. If Bernie Sanders doesn’t choke to death on a pinecone or “accidentally” fall out a 12th story window at the same hotel the CIA just happens to be holding a convention, I think 2018 is going to be the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party’s Old Guard as well as the Compassionate Conservative wing of the Republican Party.

    The evolutionary forces of neo-liberalism are becoming impossible to mask any more. People are closing in on retirement and realizing that despite a lifetime of working, they will not be able to survive on what they’ve managed to keep from having taken from them by the rigged game. If the stock market collapses (and takes everyone’s 401(k) with it? Those evolutionary forces might completely wipe out the Republican Party.

    Wait and see …

  3. Denial of a quorum is a good idea,Ted.

    Unfortunately, this is counter to the established function of the Democratic Party which is the suppression of democratic impulses of the “demos”, rather than exciting the passions of the people and enabling them as leaders in anything except the election of themselves.

    Unlike the Republicans, Democrats see their purpose as suppressing and deligitimising the passions of a mob.

  4. Any Democrat with guts enough to use their brains would ask Kavanaugh questions about rulings related to the introduction of documents into evidence relevant to a hearing or a trial (such as the 42,000 pages introduced on the eve of his confirmation hearing) without adequate time to read them.

    This is, in effect, as bad as introduction of documents into evidence after the trial or hearing has begun, and then not being allowed an adequate recess to read them which would surely be grounds for a mistrial.

    This hearing is a sham, much like so many other things allowed under this Constitution, one written by the corrupt slaveholders and self-declared owners of this country who were willing to murder their own people to establish their rule.

    I would like to see the minority ask Kavanaugh questions about the established law relevant to the majority’s tactics in suppression of discussion.

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