Another Reason Your Cellphone Service Sucks

Two phone companies are working to bring 4G cell phone service to The Moon. What about all the parts of the United States, including within major cities like Los Angeles, that don’t have decent reception? Not as sexy as a frozen lifeless rock.

5 thoughts on “Another Reason Your Cellphone Service Sucks

  1. Soon, we’ll be traveling light years
    to find logos for lite beers
    emblazoned on the moon
    And soon, they’ll be marketing sunsets
    in the shape of cigarettes
    to babies on the moon
    And soon, when the dimple in your face
    is an advertising space
    contorted by cartoons
    There won’t be a thing to stop these creeps
    from fucking up our sleep
    with slogans from the moon

    • Don’t break the perfect picket light
      When the moon man goes on strike,
      stand steady with the moon
      And don’t buy your moonlight at the mall
      Don’t buy anything at all,
      especially from the moon
      And don’t be respectful to your boss
      Don’t believe in Nafta Claus,
      that elliptical tycoon
      Until the idea of ownership’s been totally eclipsed,
      and there’s nothing on the moon

  2. Perhaps poor mobile phone reception is a positive factor in allowing people to get some work done, Ted ? Every cloud and all that sort of thing ?… 😉


  3. A cellphone without reception is little more than a lifeless rock.

    Maybe these cellphone companies are trying to improve the profile of their signal-less lifeless rocks by romanticizing them by association with the moon.

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