Elon Musk of Tesla says self-driving cars will be safer in the aggregate. But most people don’t trust the same tech companies that screw up routine updates to smartphones and expose them to ransomware with their lives.

5 thoughts on “Self-Driven

  1. M Musk is also going to use a BFR to fly you from New York to London in 29 minutes and put people on Mars by 2024. Say what one will on the man, he’s a past master at sucking up government subsidies and creating hype for his projects and, above all, himself….


  2. no need to wait for the cops.
    your state licensed car will self-drive you to the authorities.

    ‘open the slammer door, hal. hal, open the door.’

  3. I was just reading an article the other day – seems that self-driving cars get involved in lots of accidents: rear enders when the human behind them drives like a human. Seems that self-driving cars are overly cautious – kinda like when grandma has been in the cough syrup again. They come to a complete stop at stop signs (horror!) then slowly accelerate away.

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