SYNDICATED COLUMN: How I Found Out That the Courts Are Off-Limits to the 99%

            I’m suing the Los Angeles Times. I’m the plaintiff. I’m the one who was wronged. The Times should be defending themselves from my accusations that they fired and libeled me as a favor to a police chief. But this is America. Deep-pocketed defendants like the Times — owned by a corporation with the weird […]

July 14, 2017 is Bastille Day and Also I Finally Get To Tell a Court What the Los Angeles Times Did to Me

If you live in or near Los Angeles and you have Friday mornings off, here’s a Save the Date: LA Superior Court, 111 North Hill Street, downtown LA. Take the elevator up to the 7th floor, to Department 74. Friday, July 14, 2017 at 9 am: be there or be square. I’ll be defending myself […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: I’m in Awe of the Liars at the Los Angeles Times

There’s a scene in the movie “Idiocracy” in which a character cheers as cops blow a car to smithereens. “That’s your car!” another, less dumb, character points out. The idiot, a lawyer named Frito, keeps cheering. I felt kind of like the less-dumb guy in Los Angeles Superior Court a week ago, when I watched […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Democrats Want to Lose the 2020 Election

            “I am not a member of any organized political party,” Will Rogers said ages ago. “I am a Democrat.” So frustration with America’s officially-licensed nominally liberal political party is not new. Even for them, though, I can’t imagine that any party ever worked as hard to pull defeat from the jaws of victory as […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Democrats’ Obsession with Russian Election Hacking Makes Them Look Dumb

  They got Al Capone for tax evasion — only tax evasion. It wasn’t very satisfying for his prosecutors. But they couldn’t prove murder or racketeering. So they got him where they wanted him: behind bars. It wasn’t elegant. But they got the job done. Congressional Democrats need some of that prohibition-era pragmatism. They want […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Donald Trump’s Other Lies: His Campaign Promises

This week’s political coverage — probably next week’s too — will likely be dominated by deposed FBI director James Comey’s incendiary testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. However, Trump’s “lies, pure and simple” are limited neither to the president’s claim that Comey’s FBI was “in disarray, that it was poorly led” nor his litany of […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Military Spending is the Biggest Scam in American Politics

           Military spending is the biggest waste of federal taxdollars ever. Both political parties are equally complicit. The militarism scam is the best-kept secret in American politics. When you think about it — but no one in the halls of Congress ever does — it’s hard to think of a country that has less to […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: What Do the Democrats Want? No One Knows.

In the 1970s, when I was a kid, I asked my mother to explain the difference between the two major parties. “Democrats,” she explained, “are the party of the working man. Republicans represent big business.” She was a Democrat, obviously. Still, I’m sure Republican families had their version of my mom’s binary, perhaps something along […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Security Is Ruining the Internet

Another major cyberattack, another wave of articles telling you how to protect your data has me thinking about European ruins. Those medieval fortresses and castles had walls ten feet thick made of solid stone; they were guarded by mean, heavily armored, men. The barbarians got in anyway. At the time, those invasions felt like the […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Trump Voters’ Message: We Exist

I think it was over Thanksgiving dinner. My mother’s best friend, a dear woman who has never been other than good to me and my mom, decided to poke some gentle fun, Dayton Ohio-style, at me. Actually, let me be more specific. It wasn’t Dayton. The conversation took place in Kettering. It’s a suburb of […]