Commenters Here Will Be Pleased

Thanks to frequent Rallblog poster CrazyH, who found the appropriate plug-in, commenters here now have the ability to edit their own comments so they can fix typos after they post. Note: editing ability ends 10 minutes after posting or before someone replies to your comment with theirs, whichever comes first. So if you make a boo-boo, fix it quickly.

Thanks, CrazyH!

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5 thoughts on “Commenters Here Will Be Pleased

  1. Is there a “left” in US politics? Or, is it just something that is not “right”?
    Or is the “left” the state of: not agreeing, not supporting, finding fault with, or showing disrespect for America and Americans?
    Those who are most outspoken in their opposition are known as the “extreme left”. As Main Stream Media points out: our real problem is the extreme left and the extreme right need to come together to compromise and solve our current problems.
    For example, cut Social Security and Medicare by half, only ban guns that are of poor quality and dangerous to their users, allow some worsening of air and water quality, allow half as much deforestation, future tax cuts for the upper brackets should only be half as large, half of existing public schools may be allowed to continue. Problem solved.
    Oh, and remove term limits for Dear Leader Trump.

  2. Splendid, Ted – many thanks !…

    I’ve tested now and was able to edit my comment above. I find the 10 minute restriction very reasonable….

    The only problem that I see is that after saving one’s edit, one is not automatically returned to the thread. But this is still a giant leap for mankind – or at least that portion of it that posts to your threads !…


  3. :: preening ::

    Thank YOU, Ted.

    I notice there is a ‘request delete’ rather than a ‘delete’ button. I think I know why – hold people accountable for their comments. Wonder how many requests you’ll get for the usual knee-jerk “eff you you effing eff” when the commenters sober up.

    …. wonder how many you’ll honor. 😀

    EDIT: ohh, looky! I edited my comment!

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