Dan Rather Recommends “After We Kill You…”

And he knows something about Afghanistan. Read here.

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3 thoughts on “Dan Rather Recommends “After We Kill You…”

  1. I didn’t realise Rather was rather smart.

    I read the book, and it’s Great! I liked it so much, I gave it to friends to read (so I no longer have a copy).

    The US did what it does so well: it installed a very weak, very corrupt government that would do as it was told (insofar as to granting American corporations the right to exploit the country’s resources for little or no cash back to the neo-colonials).

    I would have expected Rather to be like Friedman: Bush, jr transformed Afghanistan and Iraq from impoverished dictatorships that sent many of the 9/11 hijackers into peaceful and prosperous democracies. Bu

    So how can Rather recommend Rall.

  2. I hope this will contribute to making more people aware of your book, Ted, and to increased sales ! Wonder if Charles Lloyd Beck has read it….


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