SnowdenFrontCoverPublication Date: August 18, 2015

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As many as 1.4 million citizens with security clearance saw some or all of the same documents revealed by NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Why did he, and no one else, decide to step forward and take on the risks associated with becoming a whistleblower and then a fugitive? Rall’s all-comic, full-color biography delves into Snowden’s early life and work experience, his personality, and the larger issues of privacy, surveys the new surveillance technologies being deployed against the American people, and the recent history of government intrusion. Rall describes Snowden’s political vision and hopes for the future. The book tells two stories: Snowden’s and a larger one that describes all of us on the threshold of tremendous technological upheaval and political change.

Snowden is a portrait of a brave young man standing up to the most powerful government in the world and, if not winning, at least reaching a stand-off, and in this way is an incitation to us all to measure our courage and listen to our consciences in asking ourselves what we might have done in his shoes.

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About Ted Rall

Ted Rall is the political cartoonist at, editor-in-chief of, a graphic novelist and author of many books of art and prose, and an occasional war correspondent. He is the author of the biography "Trump," to be published in July 2016.

3 thoughts on “Snowden

  1. I still think that Snowden is a real deep-cover, CIA agent. Shit-to-shinola, he even got the Chinese to confirm his MI ID as an active assassination target, and always just a step ahead! So, where is he at and who is he rubbing elbows with right now? Deep in the bowels of the Evil Empire itself.

    For who he is and his youth? He collected vast quantities of info that was just a little to everywhere, way-too-much. Another perfect storm.


    MI ID = mission-impossible identification

  2. As the NSA already knows, I’ve just added this to my Amazon cart. I have to buy a few more things to get up to the free shipping, but don’t worry, there’s two constants in this world: my ability to spend and the government’s ability to pointlessly intrude into private lives.

    See ya at the gulag. I hope we get adjoining cells.

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