No Left Left

Gotta love how the left gets its back.

When right-wingers like Ann Coulter get attacked in the media, right-wing bloggers defend her. Even moderate Republicans watch her back.

As I read today’s blogs, 100% of the action is criticism from the right. From the leftie bloggers: crickets.

OK, so maybe you don’t agree with everything I have to say. But really, it’s pretty lame not to defend your own side. This is, after all, a culture war.

But I can’t say it’s surprising.

17 thoughts on “No Left Left

  1. So if Ted is a little girl and he does indeed F himself, can he be charged with statutory rape?

    Yes Ted, it is “THEIR” Country….read the implicit underlying US 395’s statements…he is a REAL American and you are a whining, sissy, crying little girl.

    REAL Americans are all MEN
    REAL Americans don’t whine
    REAL Americans are not sissies
    REAL Americans do not cry
    REAL Americans are not entitled, they earned and deserve every form of social welfare they receive….from birth til death….they earned it in when they were conceived by their GOD, which is why it should be a crime to abort them.
    Even as embryos who have not yet developed sex-specific traits, they are more MANLY than you are.

  2. Ted, you’ve turned into a crying little girl (I’m not making any comment on your obvious glut of estrogen). You little whining sissy. Go F yourself.

  3. “They won, Ted…[I’m taking my toys and going home]” If you really believe that, Aggie, instead of waxing defeatist, wouldn’t your energy be better spent building a bomb shelter and collecting canned food? The bats fly at midnight over the Owl Farm.

  4. Why waste the effort, Ted? You don’t have anyone’s back either.

    WAAAHHHHH there are no leftists (except Ted, of course)…..WAAHHHHHHHHHHH nobody else gets it……I’m such a freakin’ genius why doesn’t anyone defend me WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH…

    They won, Ted. The only thing you’re working on is your ego. Let them win, surrender, sit back and let the country fall to pieces behind delusional bravado, John Wayne movies and Gunsmoke 24-7…eventually the meatheads on the right will talk themselves into using nukes on someone and the planet will die.

  5. US395, I know you are not interested in what I wrote because you did not read it.
    I was commenting on how they are just repeating Ted’s point back, like it’s news to us that they want to shoot us all in the street.

    To get right down to it, I will say this. Firearms will not be effective. Modern violent revolutions include explosives, and nasty things like that. Firearms are for military fantasizers. That’s why they are legal and bombs are not. The man can live with gun ownership.

    I personally think the 2nd amendment gives us the right to have whatever tools might be necessary to fight a modern war. If the idea is to arm an effective militia in today’s world, why are we limiting ourselves to lead projectiles?

  6. I defend what you said on Dylan’s show, Ted. You are totally correct when you said substantive political and social change is usually the result of violence and or threats of violence. Sometimes I wonder how come so many don’t see this. The American Left have a long and storied history of both civil and not so civil disobedience. I guess those on the right express their anger by going to rallys and holding up misspelled signs. It seems like we on the left do the same things minus the misspellings, but then when we feel like those things have been exausted we take it to another level. When the Weather Underground saw that the marches and sit ins the SDS were doing were no longer effective, they got violent. People paid attention and maybe directly or indirectly affected the eventual withdraw from Vietnam. I know you can argue there were many other factors (Pentagon Papers etc.) but I would argue it was one of the factors.

    I support what you said Ted and I am looking forward to reading your new book.

  7. Ted, the good news is that someone at Daily Kos did put together a diary for your appearance on MSNBC.

    Some commentators there are on your side, some aren’t. It’s tough to get a general feel.

  8. Also, on the organization of the right. Like people say … getting atheists organized is like herding cats. Similar principle. If you’re an intelligent liberal, you probably don’t watch much tv, nor read sensational papers/blogs. You’re probably also pretty independent when it comes to your ideas, beliefs, etc … It’s really hard to organize or even motivate people like that. That’s the one advantage the right will always have. It’s really easy to manipulate and organize idiots. Just tell ’em what they want to hear, mobilize them against a common enemy, and voila! Instant mob mentality.

  9. I hate to say I told you so but …..

    Actually, sometimes I wonder why you do it Ted. Honestly, the people you’re fighting for don’t even give a shit. They’re just not worth it. I know that sounds harsh, but that’s the reality I’ve come to accept. There’s SOME people that are worth it, but most aren’t. Certainly not worth giving your life up for.

    And what if there WAS more green to go around. It would just perpetuate the fucking stupid pointless culturally dead consumer-based existence we already have. Thanks, but no thanks. For me, revolution just won’t yield anything useful.

  10. I went on the blog called “hot air” to see what they were saying. He had an excerpt from your book where you say that the righties are already well-armed.

    The comments were incredibly stupid! So many were just saying “we’ve got all the guns”, “see you in the street”.

    What a bunch of goons.

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