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About Ted Rall

Ted Rall is a syndicated cartoonist and columnist for Universal Press Syndicate. Author of 17 books, a Pulitzer Prize finalist and twice the winner of the RFK Journalism Award, Rall's cartoons and columns appear in The Los Angeles Times, MAD Magazine, and numerous other online and print publications. His next book is "After We Kill You, We Will Welcome You As Honored Guests: Unembedded in Afghanistan" (Hill & Wang, March 25, 2014).

6 thoughts on “Forum!

  1. There may have been a problem with the user permissions settings. But I think they're fixed now. Please try again, and thanks for your patience!

  2. I can't test this with my account because you can only register once from one IP address.

    When you click on a topic like "Ted's Cartoons," you should see a button just above that horizontal bar to the far left that say "PostNewTopic." That lets you start a new thread. Or you can reply to one that's already in progress by clicking it and then there should be a button beneath that says "ReplyTopic."

    Are you seeing those now?

  3. Nifty! I've registered, planned to reply to some of your posts, but I cannot find the post reply button, is this forum related to Haloscan?

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